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Sir Paul McCartney


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Thanks! I've been told I've been unbearable today. LOL. BUT I'M GOING TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS A FREAKIN' BEATLE! Considering I can't remember NOT loving The Beatles, I'm floored!


I know birdy has seen Paul a few times.


I haven't seen him since 1964 when I was 8 (thanks to my cool mom!).


Paul's coming to N.O. too and I hope to attend as well.



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Apparently, there is some "New" song with Paul and John Lennon.

With a technique called, "Mashing", two songs are put together.

John's "Imagine" is speeded up.

While Paul's "Band On The Run" is slowed down.

For an interesting music experience.

But, I don't know, for sure,

But, maybe it's going to be out soon.

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Have a wonderful time at your Sir Paul concert.   His tickets went on sale in Dallas this morning.   I tried and tried and tried to get a ticket but they were gone before my little fingers could type '2 tickets, please'.    I am a bit disappointed but am a firm believer in that all things happen for a reason SO.... it just must not be my time.   Ticket brokers probably scooped up all the tickets in 30 seconds.  :angry:


The concert I really am waiting for one day has not yet been announced, perhaps in the near future...Mr Carmen?  :wub:



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Aw, man, Sherrie, I'm sorry. I've missed him more times than I can count. The planets seemed to be aligned this time, or I probably would have missed out on this one, too. 

Can't wait until we can compare notes, Pat. I'll be in the audience TWO MONTHS FROM TOMORROW! (Yes, I squealed a little bit when I typed that. LOL)


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