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Todays News-Herald article on EC


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I'm gonna be honest ... I would LOVE to hear the "pre-pubescent" version of "Get the Message."  Cheryl

Hey Cheryl!

I found the (original)? version of "Get the Message" on YouTube. The new remastered version is just phenomenal! Listen to both & I think you'll see it my way :) hahaha


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Honestly, it's a very subtle difference when it comes to my voice. I still sound like an eighteen-year-old, singing into an inferior microphone, with two producers who admittedly wanted the track to "suck."


The best things we could do in remastering were to bring up Mike's drum fills, make his kick drum punchier, add some warmer low end to the bass, and make Wally's guitar sound better. It was mostly making up for good engineering and producing, after the fact.

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Thank you for explaining the remastering process of GTM.

I really think the "new" version sounds much smoother. We love that 18 year old voice, bad mic or not! Hope you know how we look forward to your informative and intelligent posts.

redd :)

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Thanks, Redd, I found it. The remastered version is cleaner. But I don't think the original sucks by any means. It actually makes me a bit nostalgic, with the scratchy sound that was notoriously vinyl. I *thought* I heard a teeny-tiny difference in the voice in one part, but darned if I can remember what part it is — or even if I did. I may have imagined it because I know it's been tweaked.

Regardless, it's an awesome cut. And it sounds FANTASTIC on "Essential."


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