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Not Really Hearing..


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 I took that file down, since nobody seemed that interested, and I don't want to get in trouble with anyone, anyhow, anywhere.... I don't need Clive breathing down my neck!

However, we are going tackle remastering the ENTIRE solo album, just for fun. My dream to hear the album at it's best fidelity is about to come true! Next up, "Last Night".


Actually I did listen to it and really enjoyed your enhancements. Since I don't have the "Essential" collection, I can't compare the differences.

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I too listened Dana but I couldn´t tell a big difference between it and the original - it´s I´m sure because my computer´s sound system probably isn´t so good. 


I appreciated also your insights.


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I've been listening to "Essential" mostly in my car and there really is a difference.

When I got to "Ecstacy", the live version from 2005, I was blown away. Although a great production job was done on this cut fo the concert CD, this one sounded as though Roy Thomas Baker, The Cars producer, had gotten his hands on it. Finally, Ecstacy was "cut loose" in all its glory and holy momma, what a rocker.

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Wow. "Essential" is a hot dream-come-true. If you don't have it, get it. I've ordered extras to give away to my friends. I keep one disc in my car and one at home. That way, I can be scattered, covered and smothered (as they say at the Waffle House) by the essence of EC. Wherever I am.


Have to say, didn't expect to be so overwhelmed by my first listen to this new "Boats." I, too, got tears, Cayennegirl. All the memories and meaning that had lain quietly touching that song, rose up and down and through me.


In 1977, my first love Michael and I broke up, painfully, at the end of college. For months I played "Boats". . .over and over and over and over. But the story truly began back in 1974.


I had already found EC in 1972, so I was set up beautifully to have a soft place for piano-playing singer-songwriters. So here I go, falling in love with this brilliant young college man named Michael.


One day he took me to the music department on campus, to a sound-proof room with a piano in the middle of it. I was invited to sit by him on the bench. Then he started playing and singing songs to me. That he had written for me. About me. I remember thinking: Oh, no. Don't do this to me. You are melting my heart, and it -- I -- may never recover. And. . .how in the world can I, a silly dufus of a college girl, be the inspiration for love songs?


Forward back to 1977. Michael moved to LA to be near the music and show business scenes. I moved to GA, cried and played "Boats." Separate oceans, literally.


It was 1990 when Michael called to tell me he was dying of AIDS, and had only a few months to live. He wanted to fly over to see me and say good-bye. That would be the final instance that this man would melt my heart. No songs this time, but we felt the poetry of the moment. He was 35.


"Boats"  is a piece of my life and my love, captured in a song. Somehow, holding both the sweetness and the sadness. Tenderly. For me. Over time.


I am grateful to Eric for this gift. For his gift. I am forever changed. As many of us have come to be. By the unstoppable weaving of EC's extraordinary music into the living of our ordinary lives.


Well. That's my "Boats" story. And I'm sticking to it. Or maybe, it's sticking to me.


All I can say is "WOW"! I am so glad I chose to do what I do, tonight.

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