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Music Review - Eric Carmen: "The Essential" CD

Eric Carmen's songs and voice are permanently engrained in the DNA of pop music.

For over 40 years Carmen has been churning out pop rock gems and ballads that are as recognizable today as they were when released.  From his 4 album stint in the "Raspberries" through a string of Top 40 hits in the 70's and 80's which culminated with 2 Top 5 chart busters from the 1987 multiplatinum "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack Carmen is a living legend.

Carmen's best known songs have finally been given the remastered treatment with the release of "The Essential Eric Carmen." 30 tracks spread over 2 CDs and sounding better on these discs than I have ever heard them before. 

From "Get The Message" with his his first band Cyrus Erie to a brand new recording from 2014 entitled "Brand New Year" this set offers just about everything casual and fanatical music lovers could ask for with only a few missteps.

The 2 exclusions that fail to make this a "complete definitive" collection are:

  1. ... the studio version of "That's Rock N' Roll" has been replaced with a LIVE version from 1978.  It's a good version but not as good as the original studio track. 
  2. ... the omission of the top 40 song "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" which served as the comeback single off of Carmen's 1984 self titled LP.

If those 2 tracks would have been included then "The Essential Eric Carmen" would be absolutely perfect.

Drumroll please... 9 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

Pop Culture Beast, March 17, 2014

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On 3/26/2014 at 2:42 PM, Raspbernie said:

I may be the only one here who is NOT a big fan of "American As Apple Pie." So to each his own, indeed!

You are not alone, not one of my favorites either. As to the Benrie typo, don't you just hate it when your brain goes faster than your fingers? I do agree with Cayennegirl about having IWHIFYL on next release, that one I like alot.

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