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A golden smile...

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This is my fan video of delight, appreciation and love for The Sun.

It is dedicated to Eric's new album release.

I congratulate him heartily!

Brand New Year gives people new strength for living.

But this fairytale happens only once in a year.

And every day… We must find the reason to rise and start.


A golden smile…


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I just searched "Essential Eric Carmen" on youtube and this video came up first place.  So  I watched it in full screen. 


It´s worth it to go to youtube and watch full screen....double the pleasure!


Great job again, Larisa,


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My dear friends,


Thank you many many times for your great support and sharing my video!

James, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But there is a big difference between YouTube and Vimeo services.

YouTube gives a poor lossy quality with trembling and instability of the frame, sometimes it looks like «Gaussian blur».

I suspect that this only applies to new YouTube users who upload their video. But my friend said that I choose the wrong video format when uploading to YouTube. Perhaps I will work on it.

Vimeo gives perfect lossless quality of the frame (full screen inluded).

But only YouTube gives best search&views result for the videos because YouTube is more popular than Vimeo.

That's why I use them both.
When sharing my video I prefer Vimeo. YouTube users will find it anyway when searching.

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I have listened now to this song on the "Essential" BUT the first time I heard this song was while watching YOUR video. Every time I listen to this song, I will remember your beautiful images. Thank you for the blessing. You and Eric are so gifted.



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I heard and saw Mr. Carmen's "Sunrise" for the FIRST time (I have a lot of catch up to do, whew!) on YouTube --- I think I mentioned this to birdy in a PM --- AND THIS WAS NOT THE BEST IT COULD BE VIEWED ??!  I'm not certain what Vimeo (?) is, but I'm gonna rush to check this out again.  Absolutely breathtaking visionary and auditory pleasure!  So glad some like yourself are gracing the internet airwaves with worthwhile selections such as this.  VERY IMPRESSIVE.  You have an artist's eye, IMHO.


6  6

__/      A Very Happy   AnneNR !!

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Video... this is not my merit.

It was the simple and lucid theme and making was so easy. Images appeared when I listened to the song and the one thing I must do was only find them in Internet and select. There are NASA images and others.

But the photo of the rock (that called Burun-Kaya, seen from my window) and the moon above the rock at 01:50 are my own!

Moreover, you can see some other Crimean images at the ending part of video.

I decided to add them in a last moment when the video was almost done.

It was funny. It was like a prophecy. It was the Sunrise for Crimea.

When I made the video in February I did not expect that events.

My apologizes I took selfish theme and it’s better to return to THE SONG that is really great and always make my days when I hear it. 

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