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Five stars, eh???????

So, let's see.....Note to self:

For my next recording, I must be sure to use no more than three chords, fill my mouth with a beanbag, and shoot heroin. Lyrics must be unintelligible. No melody allowed. Must sound like I'm about to fall asleep in my chair.

Got it!

Five stars for me, next time!

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RE:  Music (!??!) video upload......

Who the fetch thought well of this  piece of ---- hey, wait a minute!  Where's this guy's handlers ??! Who let him out of rehab . . . this guy doesn't sound, well, SOUND,

Or the novacaine  from the dental appointment didn't wear off yet. His tongue is still swollen 'cause I can't understand a thing he's ( singing ??? -- debatable) .

Is he seat-belted on that chair ---- he may very well have ended up on the floor for any number of reasons.  All of them disturbing.

This is what you sound like when you're on drugs, get the picture? ::yikes::

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