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That's Rock 'N' Roll - Live - Preview!

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I played it a few times this morning ...(don´t tell anyone but I did the air guitar thing around my living room....I´m very good at that  :-)   )..


...anyway my DOG got into it so much that he
put on a huge smile and kept trying to jump up on me as I strutted around....he was trying to dance to "That´s Rock ´n Roll"..., for sure.


James - spreading the word - to humankind, and dogkind.



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"Classic Carmen"! and that is what I would have named the new cd. I mentioned in a post before that not a syllable is wasted or looses meaning in an  EC song. Each and every word is uniquely tied to the soul and completeness and drive the song along. You can take a snippet from any EC song and I am willing to bet you would know exactly what song and where it came from. Nothing is taken for granted nor just used as a filler in his songs. And that is why we get it. Others who don't really listen can't hear Eric. It always reminds me of the Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson movie White Men Can't Jump, where Wesley says to Woody, "you can't hear Jimmy". Strange as it may sound to us, some people don't hear Eric. 4 more days!

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