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I Read Eric's...


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...interview in The H. Post.  Great stuff. One of the best music related interviews I've ever read....and I agree with what was said about today's music.  His theory about why most music is not good is really interesting too.

There is some great music out there now though.  Really great.  Though the great stuff doesn't seem to get known. 

This is one example.  She (Vienna Tang) and this song, if written in the 60s or 70s, would still be in the top 1 percentile of that era.  It's that good. She wrote it and brings it to fantastic life with only her voice and piano.

I've played it here before, but it's worth another go.

So great:

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Agree with you James and I read HP regularly.  The article covers a lot of ground, definitely isn't superficial, and allowed Eric to talk about his musical history and passions.  A great read!

Enjoyed your post above too and I like to be introduced to unique music.

Will admit here, I only listen regularly (besides E/Rs of course) to jazz classics, classical, Gershwin, The Black Keys and sometimes Dean Martin (yeah, I still love me some Dino).


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Dino, was my Grandfather's favorite singer!I used to see him, eating dinner by himself in a little restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. They would play his songs over the sound system every evening. He looked so frail, a broken man, ever since his son died.

I attempted to  buy him a drink, once, just because he was my Grandpa's favorite singer. He sweetly declined, but was appreciative of the compliment. It was so sad to see this wonderfully cool, handsome man turned into a frail, depressed  human being.

He obviously never got over the loss of his son. Life can be so unkind. It can give you everything, and then take it all away in a moment. That's what I learned watching Dean Martin, from Steubenville Ohio, eating dinner all alone in his late 70's. He was my Grandfather's idol, reduced to a frail, lonely man, eating dinner by himself, every night. Crushed by life. Reminded me of that Lenny Kravitz song, recorded by Mick Jagger, "God Gave Me Everything."

It seems such a cruel irony that life gives you everything you desire, and then takes it all way, one piece at a time, until it leaves you destroyed. That's all I could think of, every time I saw Dino. And the more life gives you, the more it has to take away. 

Pretty brutal, if you ask me.

I'll never really understand the point of it.


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Dear E,

That's a heartbreaking story.

I've told this story before but it applies here.  In going through my Buddhist studies (though I was raised in a confusing Catholic/Jewish household), the main aspect of life I've learned is: we are each on our own path, even though we are all connected in the cosmos. 

I may never know why life is so cruel, but we all suffer and it does help if we don't ask "why me?" because difficulties really apply to all of us.  What I refer to is for instance, if I get cancer, then actually "why not me?"  We are all special in our own ways, but none are immune to misfortune.  I think if someone has special gifts, the fall may seem harder perhaps?  We must try not to get stuck, and move forward however difficult. 

Eric, you are a special and sweet soul and I am so fortunate we crossed paths.  We are all fortunate to be connected here through you and your music and that is what I'd call pure magic. :)



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