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Got Milk? ads


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I loved the Got Milk ads.  Got Milk was (IMHO) as effective an advertising campaign as I´ve ever witnessed.  It was fun, had longevity and more importantly got the message across.  It probably now qualifies as being in the group of stuff that can can be considered "Americana".

I´m looking forward to seeing the next phase.

This is a time to celebrate Bernie´s accomplishment!....wow, 20 years!..



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"Milk life" love it! Great concept - you have a terrific imagination. There are soooo many people that will identify with these ads, not to mention the word 'protein' always gets our attention!

Rock on, you advertising superstar :)


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In August, Bernie was in CA for a shoot, and as we were having drinks before dinner, he spotted Al Pacino a few tables down. When Al got up...so did I because I wanted to meet him. (After all...it is â€œPacino!â€)


At one point, as we were speaking...he gazed over towards Bernie and I PROUDLY said:


“This is my friend Bernie…he came up with the milk moustache campaign!†(and I proceeded to draw a moustache with my finger on my lip. Don't ask. I don't know why I did that either. :unsure:)


Then Al replied; “OH! Really!†with a BIG smile. And he leaned over and shook Bernie’s hand! (You had to be there…all we needed was De Niro or Walken to show up. B))


Anyway, it just goes to show you...even "Michael Corleone" knows about these ads! :)

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