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Why BNY Wasn't Broadcast In Japan


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Unfortunately BNY wasn't broadcast on the radio as well as TV in Japan as far as I get to know. So actually the song didn't get into the news. Only hot fans know.

Then it doesn't means EC has forgotten in Japan.

There is a reason, I want to EC know.

Japanese business style is rather different from yours.

"Official", "Formal" is very important in our country.

Japanese radio station will never accept our request with BNY "download".

They are afraid if it is not illegal.

So BNY wasn't broadcast in Japan.

I asked some freind who worked at radio station, he said
"It's impossible to broadcast without record company's permission.

We need sample CD before the song is released.
And it's too late coz it's "new year's song", it's at the end of Feb now!"

In our country, "Namawashi" is very important.
Though you'll felt it is funny and strange, it is there in Japan.

In Japanese companies, society—it's sometimes necessary to make consensus "building efforts before doing something" regardless of whether it's for better or for worse.
It is called "Namawashi" in Japanese,
it means prior consultation, prior consensus building,
making necessary arrangements or something.

The one who are trying to do things the way they have always been done and expedite proceedings without making any waves,
it is important way in Japan.

It is said that Japanese business or start something will not work out without "Nemawashi".

It should have done before the day of BNY........

Then here's a good news.
SONY Legacy Recordings Japan will release The Essential Eric Carmen.
SONY and Legacy will advertise about the CD, Japanese media will move on this time....

And I should ask,
Why did you(Legacy) gave us a chance to support EC's survibe 
only 5 days to make uo for 15 years?

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