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My Review of "The Essential..."

Eric Carmen

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What's so awesome about this is that EC is one of the only artists out there that "gets" what "sound" and "frequencies" are all about (with Todd Rundgren being another) so he certainly knows what he's listening for outside of the actual notes and chords being played. It's kinda sad that whenever I read about something being remastered you have to keep your fingers crossed that it's not going to be another victim of the "loudness wars" that record labels like to pretend don't exist.


I'm willing to bet the farm (OK, I don't actually own a farm, I'll just pick up the first round instead, how's that?) that we won't have to worry about this here... Cheers Eric!

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Thank you to all the engineers on the album.

From me, that means I will always remember you.

Of course, not until March 25th, when it is available then.


Like your insights, Natalia. Always entertaining.

And everyone else.


Eric, I'm glad that, now, you are rediscovering the best versions of your songs.

And to see your talent from the past.

We always have tried our best to encourage you. When I post, that's what I was trying to do, too.


Excellent on leaving the reverb and effects on your voice out.

I wonder if all the reverbs from the other sounds on a song actually have an effect

on the vocal sound anyway. I guess that's a sound engineering question.


Glad to hear about Steve. I wonder how he is doing. He used to have a radio show.

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I got my first look at the completed package yesterday, from Tim. It's the same package you will all be receiving. All I can say is WOW!


It's bloody perfect!!! Thanks, again to Tim, and a big shout out to the Legacy art department. They really did a fabulous job.


At last, I have an album that doesn't look like a "bootleg"!

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I was able to land an advance copy of "Essential".  I think I will end up with 3 copies of this if all of my Amazon orders come through!  This is far from a record, though...I purchased 6 copies of GATW when it was on the charts, hoping to singlehandedly send it to #1!


Back to "Essential"...I can honestly say I would have bought the entire compilation just for "Starting Over" live.  My favorite song, so lovingly and delicately re-mastered.  As is the case for every song on this 2 album gem.


The Capitol singles, while benefitting from this re-master, are still not symphonic masterpieces.  There is more to hear on every song, however.  Everything that follows is like night and day.  Probably the most striking difference is on Eric's first solo album.  It's as if a curtain has been pulled back, the interstellar noise has been muted, and each part, as Eric intended it to be heard, is laid before us.  Magnificent.  'Boats' received a similar transformation, the most telling difference, for me, in Eric's vocals.  I seem to remember a device, what was it called- an aural exciter, I believe- that was used to enhance Eric's voice on this album.  The current re-mastering has added some vocal clarity that wasn't there on the original album.


And so it goes, right to the very end.  Only a couple of weeks to go until we all get our treats- hang in there- it's worth every bit of the wait!! 

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I finally listened to "The Essential". The Cyrus Erie song "Get The Message" is in crisp clear MONO sound & NO scratches at all!!!  The song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" is the album version NOT the single version BUT it is missing the ending of "Mama yeah, woo" though. The song "Sunrise" is indeed REMASTERED in crisp sound quality than the other CD compilations!!!  The song "All By Myself" is indeed the long 7:09 version NOT the short version.  The live 1976 version of "Starting Over" has Eric singing "Used to be so (somewhat) optimistic" instead of the "f--kin'".  Did I mention GREAT liner notes!!  All that was missing was W. Axl Rose (lead singer of Guns & Roses) opinion because he is also a Raspberries fan!!       Matt    

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I plan on listening in small chunks and I started with the "BATC" songs.  Incredible.  "Love Is All That Matters" has always been great but it sounds so beautiful that I wanted to applaud.


Nice to see Bernie's name twice in the notes.

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The first major time E made my heart beat very fast and skip I was 15...

On my first listen through the whole remastered cd set today it was a kind of deja vu.  What a first delicious afternoon of listening it was for me!!

"GTM" and "GATW" were exciting beyond any words I could muster, "Boats" gave me some tears, "My Girl" was something thrilling I couldn't have anticipated, though I heard it would be great, "TR&R" forever changed the way I view the world, and when I listened to "BNY" again, it soothed me with loving tenderness.  Then there were all songs and points in-between.

Even though I'll always be a true "Tonight" girl, "Ecstasy" live almost made me change my mind - almost. 

Can't wait to start all over again with another listening session. 

Did I mention in another thread...I LOVE the artwork selections...and that sweet muse of mine.  :)


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