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The Essential Eric Carmen: Complete Track Listing

Eric Carmen

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My brother had a similar experience to Eric's when he spent time in Germany. He adores classical music and spent quite a bit of time at the opera. He was impressed that people of all ages attended. There would be a mature couple in formal wear sitting in front of a young person with jeans.

He would go to exercise and again there was a good mix of people from different ages. At the time he was in great shape thanks to walking and jogging. He related a story of how he was speed walking at full pace and feeling quite good about his progress. A mature, grandmotherly-type woman passed him by without even breathing hard! He stopped in his tracks and applauded her. She responded by turning towards him, smiling and bowing before continuing her walk.

Eric mentioned that there is a recording of his first concert in Japan. I'd love to see it if possible. Bernie do you know the where about of said recording?

Dr. M

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Thank you again EC.

Sincerely hope many Japanese fans can read it!

I found a interesting news about Eric today. Do you know Mao Asada( a Japanese figure skater)?

We hoped that she won Olympic GOLD MEDAL, then she did a complete failure on short program. Everybody thought she has over!

Then next day she did perfect on free program with Rachmaninoff piano concert No.2. Many Japanese were deeply moved, include me!

Eric mentiond how we Japanese love classic music on his comment. That's true.

And now there are many posts on the web like this, "Rachmaninoff piano concert remind me of Eric Carmen"!!!!

Isn't it lovery?

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By the way, I forgot to mention that I am in full agreement with Eric regarding Whitney Houston. She was one of the very few musically talented and physically beautiful performers that didn't need auto tuning, gimmicky makeup, 20 dancers on stage or a full choir in the background to sell herself. I don't speak to her character in any way, simply the loss of a rare and genuine talent.

I feel the same way about the recent death of actor Philip Hoffman. He was a wonderful actor, but the curtain has closed. So many young people seem to 'make it big' in show business and quickly loose their direction. Very sad.

Dr. M

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On 2/24/2014 at 1:35 AM, Eric Carmen said:

I met Whitney Houston, who was accompanying her mother, Cissy, during that festival. She was fifteen, at the time, and the sweetest, most humble girl I have ever met.  

Is she Whitney? or not?

At the YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival reception



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It hurts that "Foolin Myself" is not on this album.  What a treat it would be to hear this powerful song re-mastered.

But one that surprises me even more for its omission is "No Hard Feelings".    That was (for me) the signature Eric Carmen song when I was 17/18ish....and I still love it. 

An even greater reason I am surprised is the fact that this album is showcasing Eric Carmen as a rocker, and there is no Eric Carmen penned song more intense and rocking than "No Hard Feelings"....especially the climax at the end. 

Actually I'll even go so far as to say that there is no rock & roll song I am aware of that rocks as intensely as the final minute or so of "No Hard Feelings".  That final climax is about as high-voltage and intense as rock & roll gets.

Anyway, please carry-on!..


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Eric...words can't describe how much I love this collection. Thanks again to you, Tim Smith, Mark Wilder and everybody else responsible for making this happen.

I figure with 4 Raspberries albums, 6 solo albums and all the songs that aren't on those 10 albums (Hungry Eyes, MMLC, pre-Raspberries, demos, etc.) that there are well over 100 songs that you have performed and/or written.

Cutting that total down to 29 (leaving room for Brand New Year) had to be near impossible. No matter what you picked, there were going to be some GREAT songs not make the cut. I truly understand that.

I don't guess we'll be completely satisfied until that complete box set comes out...but this is quite an impressive playlist.

With that said, I can't help wondering about the one glaring omission. Your career is covered from pre-Raspberries to the Raspberries Reunion...but there's nothing from the Winter Dreams/I Was Born To Love You album.

Shouldn't that album be represented? Was there a contractual problem? Were none of those songs good enough to make the cut? Was the album made recent enough that those songs didn't need to be remastered?

I'm not complaining about the 30 songs that did make it...I'm just curious...

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You must feel very happy Eric by the essential, it should be gratifying for you to see all the effort of a whole life compiled in these two cds. I'm glad for you. I hope you and Amy are well. I want you and her to be well. I would like you to accept my good wishes. Thank you

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I never saw this "web extra" bit where Eric talks about "Desperate Fools" as a potential treat for people who bought The Essential mainly for the Top 40 hits. It may have been posted at this site somewhere, but I missed it.... 


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On 2/11/2014 at 10:32 PM, Eric Carmen said:

45 years, from 1969 to 2014, in just about two hours! Turn it up loud, and rock on!


I'm glad to have found this recording on Apple iTunes so I can take the tracks with me & listen every chance I get! The live cut of "That's Rock N Roll" is what I turn up loud at stoplights to drown out the rap music being played by the dude in the next lane! 😉 Desperate Fools and the Desperate Fools Overture from the "Change of Heart" album are often on repeat - in fact one of my friends is in a strings ensemble and is interested in using the D.F. Overture in their next local concert?! Is it notated in such a form that I can pay you for the print rights & "one night stand" concert rights?

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