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Mary Ellen

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Thanks, Cayenne sweetheart!


It was fifty years ago today, my 15 year old sister, Debby, threw me the coolest party a 1 year old could ever have!

Her boyfriend, Paul, was in a band called the Beatles! And they were playing ON TV as part of the festivities!

This was the biggest thing that had ever happened to me! And I had a musical part in it: shake my head along with Ringo.

(Bells or marbles in my head?)

Oh no!!! They all looked alike!

Thank God, sis had my back! She gave me a "Ringo" cue for his close ups and kept this stroller girl groovin'!

Big sisters are the coolest people in the world!



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Happy Birthday birdy!

Thx for sharing your trip down memory lane - what a GREAT story. Paul was your sister's boyfriend?! WOW!

Indeed, what a super cool older sister you have. Being an only child, that makes your story more heartfelt! I grew up with my cousins who lived with us, but the older 2 thought I was just this bratty little kid that wanted to hang with them. That's OK, because I secretly 'borrowed' their albums when they were out with their friends ;) Score 1 point for the kid! We get along much better as adults I'm happy to say.

Hope you have a wonderful day & may all your bday wishes come true. Wishing you a Brand New Year, too :)


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birdy, I wanted to share my own experience with you - my mom took me to the one and only Beatles' concert in N.O. when I was a little girl.   
I was lost for a while in the crowd but that was a lucky break because I saw those 4 guys pass right by me and wave from their limo.




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Wow! What an incredible story and what a cool mom!


I bet you haven't been the same since! But, of course, in a good way!


My sister didn't take me to the concerts because her and her girlfriends were busy sneaking into the hotels.


But I got to go see Hard Day's Night at the show with the big girls. There weren't any seats left so I sat on her lap in the aisle.


That is fantastic that they waved to you! I think some of their magic rubbed off on you!

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