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"Vee Battles Alzheimer's"


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Gotta credit DEAR DIANE for sending this to me..


Bobby Vee became my friend about ten years back..


The man was an icon in the 60's and continues to be a man beloved by many...and somehow...He's a REAL "Mensch"...Jewish for a humble lovely upstanding guy!!!


Hell I have more of an attitude than him...and I'm only a 60's icon in my own mind!!! ( ;) )


Anyhow..This is what Bobby IS about!!



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So sorry for your friend...Hey on a lighter note...on Jeopardy last nite...Question...The Great Lake near Thunder Bay"..I was busy..but I thought I heard Lake Superior..


See you're living in the L.A. of Canada... :D..


Miss you..Hope you are doin' good...Ira.. :wub:

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Our bodies change, later.

They lose things like hormones, which are found in protein shakes,

Like L-acytlcarnine, and L- arginine.

Because the body breaks down, it really needs the hormone boosts.

Alot more green in the diet.

One doctor now eats 80- 85% green foods.

The vitamin Co Q10 brings energy back to the heart and muscles.

It's part of what they are made of.

About 60% or more is lost,at his age.



Check out India, and how a town there has the lowest Alzheimers in the world.

They eat curry.....

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Also add Aloe Vera, as it renews and heals our organs.

I like Boccoli for it's Folic Acid Value. This is very good for men.

Plus, maybe add liquid Vitamin B's for better abilities

 and with more enthusiasm to do things.


Then last, I do stretching. Asian stylei

I tilt my body, left and right

to let the ribs massage the internal organs, producing more oxygen and better function.

Otherwise, they just sit and stay still, all the time.


And one lying down on the back

Feet straight out, and like windshielf wipers left to right, 15 times right, and 15 tiimes left

Then like pushing a brake pedal in a car, forward a little, and backward

Finally, with the top toes only, not the foot, forward and backward, same amounts as before. 

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