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Beatles Week Continues on David Letterman Show, Feb. 3rd- Feb. 7th, With Sean Lennon. And Dhani Harrison, on Feb. 9th, Sunday Night.Or Replay Later


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Sunday, Feruary 9th, is the 50 year celebration, provided by musicians and Paul and Ringo.

Ringo said all the Beatles are present in mind, when they play (Paraphrased)

On Sunday night, they are adding David Letterman's interview with Paul and Ringo at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

That was done after the Grammy Awards, I think.

See the celebrations from Capitol Records, all  weekend at K Earth 101 Radio, including today;s.

Come on down, and bring your comfortable shoes for a possible walk there,

because of parking.


9:00am PST and 12:00PM EST Beatles  radio show on sunday





Ed Sullivan, and how Elvis wished them all the best success.


And scroll down record values at http://www.moneymusic.com


Plus, more celebrations all weekend:

By K Earth 101 Radio. There are a lot of interviews, Backstage Grammy photos, etc.

You might go there and see if you can replay stories from the radio of:


Patti Boyd, George's first wife, now Eric Clapton's wife.

Foreigner rock star story, how he was the opening act for The Beatles in 1964.

Peter Asher, how Paul and John played a song for hin in his basement, before a lot of fame.



Today, they replayed Ringo, then George.

Ringo thought the band might last four years.

George thought three months

And Paul thought he wrote "Let It Be" ( which  he really wrote. That was a joke!)

Paul said how he woke up from a dream with a tune playing in his mind, and some words.


Interviews this week about The Beatles from more musicians.

Click on John Lennon photo about how he met Paul.


Scroll down for behind-the-scenes  photos from this year's Grammy Awards.

One is with two Paul's: Mccartney and Williams

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That's good that he is on that. 

This show took 10 years for the producers to get all the songs, and talent together.

Paul even asked the producer , "Can we talk about what you want me and Ringo to do?" Or something like that.


Peter Frampton and Don Was hung out with Ringo backstage.

 Ringo said that he didn't know that the Ed Sullivan Show was popular.

He was going to open hair salons in America, and almost missed his chance to play for the band.

 Look for photos, if they are there, 

from my post above.



For the  show, one of the  Monte Python's actors narrates videos,

Dhani is playing with some famous musicians, for the song he plays.


Some people thought Ozzie was drunk. But someone told me, that is how he talks.

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In the Letterman interview, three fans talk about that historic night. 30 minutes have been added to the show.

Also on Webcast, 50 Years Of The Beatles

Sunday Shows start on CBS at 3:30PM EST, 6:30PM PST, Archival video, and The Beatles historic, artistic, and cultural impact on society.


 Lots of songs, and concluding with Ringo and Paul, then an allstar cast finishing.

You can look up the Set List from the Grammy's


Giles Martin helped produce the song structures.

The producer told musicians not to be too respectful, because that is the tendency when they are in the audience.

But to get the songs right in this moment.

Peter Frampton (Guitar) , and Joe Was (Bass) are part of the House Band.

Joe was the music conductor of the show.


Their vynyl record values range from $750.  to the rarest promotional 45 at $30,000 (Anna/ Ask Me Why- side two)

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Another station 100.3, The Sound srarts at (:00AM EST tomorrow.


They put Patti's interview on K Earth 101, now.

Mick Jones, of Foreigner said The Beatles used to order pudding

and send it back. A joke with a five-star hotel chef.


The Set List:


 Maroon 5- All My Lovin', Ticket To Ride

John Mayer, Keith Urban- Don't Let Me Down

Ed Sherren- In My Life

Imagine Dragons- Rovolution

Stevie Wonder-WE Can Work It Out

Alicia Keys, John Legend - Let It Be

Kate Perry- Yesterday

Eurythmics (Reunited duo)- The Fool On A Hill

Dave Grohl, Jeff Lynn- Hey Bulldog

Brad Paisley, Pharell Williams- Here Comes The Sun (With Cirque Du Soleil performers ).

Jeff Lynn Joe Walsh, Dhani Harrison- Something

Gary Clark, Jr. Dave Grohl- While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ringo Starr- Matchbox, Boys, Yellow Submarine

Paul McCatney-I Saw Her Standing There,  Get Back, Bithday Song

AllStars Together- SGt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, With A little Help Of My Friends

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There is one more song at the end of the show tonight,  chosen by fans at radio 100.3 The Sound,

which played The Beatles top 50 songs.

I left it out by mistake, having to read my own rapid hand writing before I typed.


More or the pudding story. The Beatles would tell the talented chef downstairs how to make a particular pudding.

The chef would try each time, but always received it back, with laughs from the boys.


Don Was has his own Record Label, Blue Note Records. 

Elton John has a story on the web about recording until eight in the morning.

George agreed to play, "Here Comes The Sun".

George had musician friends, Joe Brown and Alvin Lee, who has played recently.

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