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Is there a specific time you guys like to chat? How do you all know you're going to do it? Are you organized or just jump in when you're all online together?

Thanks to Member donations, I was able to "up" the number of Members in the Chat Room from 5 to 20, so the more the merrier. Back in the old days we used to pre-announce a chat every week and have sometimes been lucky enough to have Eric or Jim Bonfanti join in!


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Sooooo, a few of the EC.Com girls were in the chat room a few evenings ago having some good conversation and a few laughs, and we thought it might be fun to set up a "chat night" or a scheduled chat so that everyone who felt like joining, could jump in with us. 

Any thoughts? Would anyone interested? ( It's so much fun ! :):):) )

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Ter2, it's always been so much fun. I'm a terribly slow typist, so I'm usually behind a topic or two...but that makes things even more crazy (in a good way). Happy you're willing to join us to give it a try...

Woohoo, Cheryl !!

So, would evenings work for both of you? If not, what time is best?

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