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I LOVE Jimmy Fallon :)


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Good luck Jimmy as you take the throne of T.V. Royalty..The Tonight Show!!!


I hope Jimmy's as nice as he seems on T.V...when you meet him in real life!!! :wub:


Loved him and Drew Barrymore in "Fever Pitch"..a movie I found so cute despite it's Red Sox theme.. :wacko: !


I think he's SOOO talented..


Catch his "Barry Gibb Talk Show" from "SNL" a coupla weeks back!!!


(BTW..Justin Timberlake...GREAT in this skit and in SOO many mediums....NO S@#%T...ain't chopped liver either.. :P )


As I've recently indicated..Rip Van Ira JUST woke up from his 60's stupor to realize that he has to admit.. that after the reigns of Dean Martin.. Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny...There's some REAL talent out there today :o .



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Cayenne..To quote the Beatles...


..."Girl you got me goin'..(Just like I knew you would".. :o )..


This skit from a coupla weeks back with Jimmy and Justin...is a true pisser..


I've been around a little while BUT..IMHO...These 2 guys are as talented as the best I've seen...




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O.K. ..I agree Cayenne..I agree..We should keep this J.F. thing going and..."Go all The Way"!


(BTW..Just viewed your last post of Jimmy with Channing Tatum...All I can say is Thank You!)


Hope you all enjoy this..



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I'll be here intermittently over the next couple of weeks until Mardi Gras is over and I've recovered sufficiently.  :lol:


Wanted to respond here though.  I enjoyed JF on SNL for years.  He can do it all and has fun on the show.  No one will ever be Johnny, that's for sure...Jay was a completely different kind of host and brought in a certain demographic...I'm older and I can't wait to watch what Jimmy does next and who he'll have as guests.  Love the band and the humor they add too. 


Hugzzz, M.E. 

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