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Happy birthday to the man who makes all of this possible !!  Here’s hoping your special day is exactly like YOU …..AWESOME…. FANTASTIC…..TERRIFIC and full of FUN !!       :spin: 


*Your birthday color is Maroon*


You are the brilliant type. You are studious, knowledgeable, and just plain old smart.
You tend to be persuasive in all aspects of life. You enjoy a good intellectual debate.

You don't fight dirty, but you also don't back down. You can be incredibly patient and calm. You are an excellent listener and sounding board.

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I hope you had a fun day.


Joke time:


As you know this year there are new Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees.

With no exception, The KISS Band  are continuing their dreams in business ventures-

The Rock And Brew restaurants. An Arena Football Team.


Gene once heard Paul say, "Oh, God!" That was after Gene told him that there

are 96 more restaurants to build.

But, Gene worked out a bargain for $500,00 dollars per restaurant,

while everyone else spends one milliion dollars or more for their own.

That's twice the restaurants they will have.

Paul got the bartenders to get two drinks to each client.

Now, everyone thinks they are going to see a show,

but that five nonths later, when they have enough to pay for entertainment.


Paul and Gene made an offer to Tim Tebow to play Arena Football.

Gene told Tim that he only has to throw the ball 20 to 30 yards,

or he can run down the field with the whole team,

Bouncing off defenders for 50 yards, on the second down.

Gene told Tim that 300 NFL players have honed their skills

in Arena Football. Including Kurt Warner, who Tim looks up to.


Now, everyone is praying. Paul and Gene pray that Tim will play for them.

Tim is praying to make an NFL roster.

And Kurt is praying that Tim will listen.


They will have entertainment at each game,

with people repelling from the ceiling, Gene said,

And dropping buckets of water on the opposing teams bench.

Any extra time outs needed, the fans can bring their dogs

to run around the field, while people try to catch them.

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