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Jazz Fest 2014

Mary Ellen

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The numbers for Jazz Fest were down last year.  2012 had 450,000 attendees and 2013 had 425,000 attendees - mostly because of some rain. 


A few highlights from our local rag on 2013's JF. 


"...Best nod to New Orleans by a major headliner: Billy Joel's deployment of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band during "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant."


Another nod to jazz and heritage: Before Hall & Oates' hit-filled Gentilly Stage nostalgia set on the final Sunday, John Oates -- the shorter, dark-haired half of the duo -- strolled over to the nearby press trailers to meet George Wein, the legendary founder of Jazz Fest and the Newport Jazz Festival.


Oates also stuck around New Orleans an extra day to record a song for his next album with a group of local musicians that included George Porter Jr...."


There are many Artists I'd like to see this year but will most likely pick a good day and just go for it. 


On my wishlist of performers are jazzmaster Pharoah Sanders, Eric Clapton and Bruce (gotta love that Little Steven too and I've re-watched the Sopranos recently since Jim's G.'s passing).  I love Trombone Shorty but I can see him around town.  Sure he will be great though, as he always is.

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Dear Cayenne,

Hahaha, tooo funny!

I'm sure you already know if you meet a friendly horse, you will communicate by Morse (code) of course.

A million people in your town? Whew, that's quite a lot. I imagine people come from far and wide for a chance to say they were at Mardi Gras.

Looking forward to your continuation.......

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