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Congrats to Bernie


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Bernie won't tell you this...so I will. He was recently promoted from an SVP to an EVP Group Creative Director at the ad agency he works at. This is a huge deal and it speaks volumes about Bernie as a "creative" and as a person. First of all...as a "creative" it means you're good. Very good! It means everyone values your creative contributions; from the ideas you come up with, to the ideas you inspire in others.  And doing it in New York (the advertising and media meca of the world) multiplies the accomplishment ten-fold.  What makes the promotion even more impressive is that, unlike 99% of the "creatives" out there, Bernie has stayed with the same company for almost 30 years. Most creatives move around or get laid off dozens of times.  It's just the way it is in the ad-biz.  But not for Bernie!  In the time he's been with his agency, the company has gone through at least 4 name changes and an un-imaginable number of management changes. Surviving this long...in this business is testament to his creativity and likabilty and is applause-worthy, if not miraculous!  (Some how I made it 23 years at the agency I worked at so believe me, I know.)  So let's tip our hats, raise our glasses and put our hands together to the newest EVP on Madison Avenue...our man Bernie!


Congrats Bernie


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Ha. Thanks, Dave. It's actually kind of funny. Even though I've stayed at the same job for nearly three decades, my company changes hands every few years. That's due to the actual ad agencies being merged and un-merged by the holding company over the years. I hit EVP at Lowe several years ago. When we merged with Deutsch I was told that company didn't have the EVP title for the role I held. On January 1, 2014, I am back at Lowe, with my EVP restored. So, a hearty YAY! is definitely in order.



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