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Finally…..A job !


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Well, it finally happened !!  After almost 5 months of being unemployed, I finally got a job. It’s only part time but there is a very good potential for many more hours down the road.  Since it is part time I can still collect partial unemployment benefits, which really helps out. 


The funny part is that I didn’t even find the job…..they found me!!  I had worked for a group of radiologists many, many years ago. One of the doctors left the group and started his own practice which grew and grew. He now owns many offices throughout Queens, NY.  I received a call the week before Thanksgiving from his office asking if I was interested in part time work at night.  I jumped at the offer !  I still don’t know how he tracked me down, nor do I care, but he did and I am ecstatic. The great part is that all the work is done from home.  I had the software downloaded on my computer and I trained for weeks during the day and started working after 5pm.  The software was a breeze to learn but I had to be trained with all the different doctors at the facilities and I’m still doing that, one at a time.  I start the training with each different doctor (one doctor per week), from 9 to about 3 and then I start work at 5pm and work up until about 11:00.  I was even asked to fill in for the people who wanted time off during the holidays so I’m putting in plenty of hours this week and next week.  Working at night gives me the opportunity to look for an additional job during the day.  I'm still sending out resumes, but no bites so far.  This night job is working out just fine and dandy !!  Finally…things are looking up !! 

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