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"Brand New Year" Teaser - EC.com Exclusive!


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All riiiiight, Eric!   Sounding great.  Great vibe on the song.  And I hope the title lyric is significant.  Ready to start a new musical chapter.  Would love a new tour.  

My band, the Meetles, just played Go All the Way under Herald Square last week.


Maggie Clarke, Rock concert photographer (and other things)

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It would have been ideal to see Eric perform "Brand New Year" on one of the New Year's Eve shows, and apparently there was something in the works that didn't pan out, unfortunately. Regardless, it's getting some surprisingly good play --- I'm not sure about the exact number of downloads but I've heard it's north of 10,000 (correct me if I'm wrong, someone!). 


A lot of the credit goes to Eric's girlfriend. She's been passing along the free download link at a manic pace, making calls, and rounding up interest, and it's obviously getting the song some distribution. She's also lined up some interviews with Eric, so we'll see some press mentions forthcoming.


But, of course, it's never enough! So pitch in, friends and fans: cut and paste the "Brand New Year" link on your Facebook page, at other social media sites, at your favorite music sites, at private family and group pages, and elsewhere in your virtual travels.


Also, try the radio stations in your region: They all have websites and 800 numbers --- post it and/or call it in. It's the perfect song to bring in the new year at a time when, really, don't we all want a fresh start more than ever, leaving behind the "bad eggs" and experiences of the past? Beyond that, getting the song in front of people helps promote the upcoming Sony Legacy CD, similar to the way "Hungry Eyes" and "Make Me Lost Control" gave a lift to the 1988 greatest-hits compilation. 


The window of time to promote a record isn't very big in this day and age, when there's so much competition. On the other hand, social media has a loooong reach. And it doesn't matter if it's a Justin Bieber-aged artist or a classic rocker we're talking about; look at the way Paul McCartney's team used social media to great advantage with his New CD. 


Welcome back, EC! 



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This song hit right at home for me. 2013 was a horrendous year for my family. It began in February. The 5th, my electrician husband had an electrical panel blow up in his face and was air lifted to KU Med Center. We spent a week in the burn unit ICU. We had just brought him home when our male Giant Schnauzer became very ill suddenly. I was driving him to the Vet & my husband was in the back of our SUV with Frodo. We got t-boned at an intersection & our Durango rolled 2 1/2 times. Both Jim and Frodo were thrown from the SUV & I was trapped inside. Jim & I both survived but Frodo didn't make it. April I had a jaw infection & had to have my jaw drained. While getting up from the seat at the doctor's, I hit my head on a shelf just above my right eye. It swelled up immediately & the blood drained down into my eye & I had one heck of a shiner for several weeks. That went along fine with my bruised and swollen jaw. May brought another MVA to us. Jim's work van was hit & sustained almost 20,000 dollars of damage. We had just gotten it back when he was hit again, June 5th, four months to the day from the panel explosion. This time the van was totaled. We were on edge the rest of the year. We actually breathed a sigh of relief at midnight as 2013 became 2014. When I first heard Brand New Year, I sat down and cried. It seemed like Eric was directing this song straight to me. It's a song of "Thank God this year is over & we made it through it. The worse is behind us". Thank you, Eric, for writing & recording such a deeply emotional & yet uplifting song that I'm sure many will relate to. Please don't wait another 16 years to create another masterpiece!

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