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Beatles release 59 rare and unheard recordings on iTunes

Mary Ellen

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The Beatles release 59 rare and unheard recordings in a bid to stop their copyright protection expiring.


Excerpt from the BBC news --


The digital compilation includes BBC sessions, four alternative takes of She Loves You and five of A Taste Of Honey...


EU law protects recordings for 70 years, but only if they get an official release. Otherwise, the copyright period lasts 50 years.


In the case of The Beatles, that means the master tape for their 1963 debut album Please Please Me is protected until 2033, but the unreleased session tapes for that album are not.


Enjoy downloading. :)



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It's also availabe on a two disc CD set, I saw yesterday while shopping.

I bought the 40th anniversary collection of Bruce Lee's, "Enter The Dragon".

My master, now a grandmaster, is Bruce's double in that movie.He performed stunts,  

and appearing in other  spots in his most famous movie.

But, I will definitely get the CD, sometime


It was written-up in todays Calender section, under "Pop and Hiss" .


...With  Guitar riffs,choruses, screams, guitar solos, etc,, of the early jams.

Plus between song banter, radio bumpers, etc.

Check out "Hippy-Hippy-Shake" to uncover the power of music.





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