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Billy Joel To Start Residency Concerts In January At Madison


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At least once per month, starting in January, 2014.

He's keeping the faith.  Helen Reddy recorded his song once, but he didn't like the way it turned out, in th 70's.   That reminds me to write new words to the same song, A little fun with his song.


Keeping The Faith:



I told the world, i didn't like Helen's singing

She called  me right up,

With a strong-worded pace

And never sang my songs again


All the fussing, and that song didn't chart

It barely got a fifty dollar start

From way back when

It didn't make top ten


All the nights drinking shakes with some drive-thru tacos

I couldn't stay skinny all my life

That was fake

Could I become a vegetarian?


My thoughts about that  were too few

And three was better than two

-Repeated again. Oh, yeah!


Bridge of song:


Then I changed from the fried foods and cookies

And remembered the lean times and goodies

With a half glass of wine, I can handle


'Cause, your fans all remember 

The songs that you did

Not for your imperfect sad days




Every dollar that I spent

For those happy hours

Can't be replaced with cool clothes and shades

And remembering every single day


Tossed in my mind is the past

And changing like the wind in a mast

I'm sailing again

-Looking forward, again

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It was just announced that Billy will add another show to his first Ever!! Hollywood Bowl show, on May 17th and 22nd.


Speaking of shows, there were giveaways to Celine Dion's show and Elton John.

Front seats and meet-and-greet.  Elton went another step, giving away a tablet, a selected piano,  front row seats and meet- and- greet.

Oh, his rehearsal piano player has an incredible Christmas song out. He is the only person that Elton trusts to get the band ready

for live performances. I'll have to look up his name.


I should have said that the song was first recorded by Billy, then Helen.  Otherwise, it looks like he didn't sing it, also. 


That was difficult for me to write, since I'm a fan, too.

I was trying to get that Billy style in the writing. Trying to get a little humour there, too.

If he knew me, I joke around, but all in a light way. 

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Radio commercials for his May, 2014 concerts have been airing, already.


Billy, you've got to do a musical, or contribute some songs for a play out here, in L A. or anywhere.

To see the acting with some music would be interesting and entertaining.

You can do that at a small theater as well.

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