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Mary Ellen

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Wishing you a happy birthday & a great year

ahead filled with music, love & laughter.

I remember you said the release date for

Boston's new cd falls on your bday. I know that

will be your favorite gift!

Another reason to celebrate....

Best wishes. :)


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Hey Donzi,

Tomorrow is the day! Hope you get a good

nights sleep, so you can be 1st in line to get

your new Boston music. Yay....

redd :)

I got to Best Buy about 5 minutes before they opened and there were over a dozen people waiting outside the store. Uh Oh! I scanned the crowd to see who I could take and shove out of the way when the doors opened. Little old ladies, check. Moms and their kids, check. A large burly man, iffy. Just kidding! It didn't matter anyway. I was the only one that headed towards the music section. Nothing on the shelf. Double Uh Oh! An employee had to get it from the back. Success!


Been listening ever since. Highly recommend.

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Dear Donzi,

Hahaha, loved your post! I was going to recommended you to elbow anyone who got in your way. Sounds like you already had the same idea.....JK

Your description of the people ahead of you in line was the funniest thing I've heard all day

Then to find out no one was headed to the music section?

So glad your mission was accomplished!

Thx for brightening my day :)


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