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Reviews for Paul McCartney's "New"


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Picked up the "New" cd today and will give it a listen over the next few days. In the meantime, here are some reviews for “Newâ€:

Calgary Herald

4  / 5

“a boisterous and brilliant collection of Pop; another excellent entry into an incomparable careerâ€


USA Today

3 / 4

“open-hearted, mostly buoyant tunes on his new album.â€


Toronto Star

3 / 4

“­ McCartney sounds remarkably energetic and engaged in the music for a 71yr old who’s long earned the right to phone it in.â€


New Musical Express


“Macca delivers his most enjoyable album in yearsâ€


Ultimate Classic Rock

“McCartney, doing his part, takes a cue from his forward-thinking producers and cooks up a batch of songs that sounds very much part of the 21st century while still rooted in the nostalgia that has driven his career from the start

Rolling Stone


“New feels energized and full of joyous rock & roll invention. More than a sentimental journey, it's an album that wants to be part of the 21st-century pop dialogue.â€

New York Daily News

“Thankfully, with the exception of the title track, “New†doesn’t just treat love with a greeting card’s depth. More songs deal with McCartney’s nervous attempts to land his fancy. Nervous emotions have inspired some of the star’s most ornate and, at times, over-thought music. Many songs finger-paint with the colors and styles of the Beatles’ goofiest pop-psychedeliaâ€


Entertainment Weekly

“McCartney earns points just for seeking out new ideas, but New hangs on the strength of the songs. He’s got formidable storytelling chopsâ€


LA Times

“71-year-old Paul McCartney comes off effortlessly contemporary as well as hummably Beatle-esque when it suits him in this well-crafted new album.â€


The New Yorker

“New†is something more specific  a perfect Paul McCartney album. It’s filled with songs that are without meaning but not meaningless.â€


Washington Post

“His steadfast defense of his hook-ridden aesthetic notwithstanding, charges of superficiality have continued to dog him, but maybe nothing has refuted them more eloquently, and with more innate musicality, than his latest studio album, “New.â€â€

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I've had a chance to listen to the cd 3x. There is a lot to like on here, and it's great that Paul has brought in some extra ears and opinions (four producers). Sonically, and I think this cd needs to be listened to with headphones, it has amazing things happening. Definitely a worthy addition to Paul's incredible catalogue.

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I'll read, later.

He just performed this weekend, from a truck. It was a surprise show for some fans.

I saw it on my phone, since I read Yahoo sports. A photo with Paul and his bass, live in London.


There are four producers on this album, giving it extra attention in details.


I like the way Paul does music.  A lot of work, then recording, then the fans get to listen.

He's a people's musician, because he works hard at his job, like everyone else.

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There's a site that everyone will enjoy,with a revuew, and more to read about the Beatles. http://www.popdose.com

Hi Mike,

Thx for your post, loved reading about the Top 10 oddest licensed Beatles merchandise. What a collection of items :) If I had to choose my favorite, guess I'd say the Ringo bubble bath. The rest of the stuff was really far-out. Wonder about the sales of these 'Top 10'...

Thx for making my day!


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That is great. I'm glad I found out about it, too, redd.


I found the site, after hearing about it.

Paul is also in the new edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

- About which Beatle  helped Paul forgive the past with Yoko.

If he didn't forgive her for putting John ahead of him for the credits of  'Let It Be', ironically.


The way I see it is that naturally, Yoko would favor her husband first.


I always saw Paul as first though, with the proper credit for the song.

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Marvin, nice job on that round-up of reviews. Thank you!


I love New, for many reasons;


1) Most of all, I love how it seems to have energized Paul. He has promoted this album more heavily and aggressively than anything he's done in years — and maybe in his whole career. Part of that is because he (his marketing team) is really tapped into the various and sundry ways to promote an album. He's FBing the heck out of it, he's blogging, he's touring, he's got a constantly improving website, and he's doing every TV and radio show worth doing — and then some. He's even doing surprise concerts at high schools and on the streets. And he's doing cameo bits --- have you seen his skit with Jimmy Fallon? Hilarious. Seriously — I don't think I've ever seen Paul so pumped about spreading the word.


2) Part of the reason for that, I believe, is that he knows it's a strong record, and he wants it to get heard. In this day and age, it's too easy for music to get "lost." When it's Sir Paul of the Beatles (and Wings), well, it won't get lost, but Paul is just making sure of that. And it sure looks like he's having fun. He's always seemed like an unwaveringly positive guy whose music reflects as much, and what's wrong with that?


3) New is a strong record because it's deep. Now, I am one who rates all of his recent records pretty highly. I loved Driving Rain (2001) from the start, and while Chaos & Creation (2005) took me a little longer, I gave it a chance and "got it" — it's awesome. Memory Almost Full (2007) isn't as deep but has worthy pop moments. And the song "Sing the Changes" from his 2008 Fireman project is one of my favorite 20 or so Macca songs ever. While Kisses on the Bottom requires a certain mood, I thought it was a totally valid effort for Paul. And now there's New, which to me is even better than Driving Rain


4) The best of the best on New, for me, is "Queenie Eye," followed by "Early Days." Man, "Queenie Eye" --- I guessed it was about a kid's game from the start, so it was cool to hear Paul talk about how to play it in a recent interview. The song itself sounds like some great missing masterpiece intended for an album in the Magical Mystery Tour period. It's just flat-out cool... the melody, the lyrics, that bit where it slows to a whisper, the call-and-response thing --- love it! (Honestly, I sort of connected it to a World Party kind of song the first time I heard it, which would make it a reverse influence of sorts....)


5) "Early Days," if you haven't listened, finds Paul calling out "know-it-alls" who write about Beatles history as if they were there. At least that's how I take it. In doing so, Paul has John Lennon all over the song.... He's looking back at the early Beatles days, and sort of lashing out, in his own way, at people who "took" the Beatles' music, and who pretend they know how it all happened, and who think they know who wrote what (John vs. Paul). As Paul wrote, "They can't take it from me if they tried, I lived through those early days/So many times I had to change the pain to laughter, Just to keep from getting crazy."


It's just so cool to have Paul describe his memories of playing with John Lennon in the late 1950s:

* "Dressed in black from head to toe, two guitars across our backs/We would walk the city roads, Seeking someone who would listen to the music that we were writing down at home." 


Where "Queenie Eye" sounds like it's from the Magical Mystery Tour era, "Early Days" would have been right at home on The White Album or maybe Let It Be.


6) I also dig "Save Me" (it really does sound ELOish, making it another reverse-inluence song, but that might be giving too much credit to Jeff Lynne, love him though we do!). And "Appreciate" and "Everybody Out There" are pretty cool. The single "New" also recalls mid-'60s Beatles, though Paul's voice sounds more thin here than elsewhere on the album.


7) I don't know how many more albums (and accompanying promotional blitzes) Paul McCartney has in him, so I'm enjoying this one....

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