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New CD from Boston


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At long long last. One of my all time favourite bands. I just pray it is an improvement on the last one "Corporate America". Shouldn't,be difficult. Tom Sholz says he has stayed close to the original sound from the first two albums. Here's hoping.

What with this and the second instalment of the Fabs "Live at the BBC", available next month, it will be a good Christmas. I also just picked up Mark Lewisohn's new Beatles book " Tune In" all 1,000 pages of it.

And then next March we look forward to Eric's new release. Happy days!


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Hey Donzi,

Where have ya been??!

No posts lately, then you come out of the woodwork with this great news about new music from Boston.

All is forgiven though, since I wasn't aware....

Happy bday in advance. :)

Many thx,


Hi redd,


I've just been chilling and listening to my "new" Raspberries & Eric Carmen music while perusing this great forum. :)


The next six months or so are going to be sweet! New Boston music in December and new Eric Carmen music early next year.

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OK.  So I've listened to the samples on the band's website and the full length "video" on You Tube of "Heaven on Earth" and the signs aren't good.


Nearly every track has the same "chung chung chung chung chung chung" guitar motif running through it and the drum tracks have a similar depressing mechanised drum sound that Boston have been using since the "Third Stage" album.  :mellow:


Worse than that, 4 of the album's 12 tracks (yes, that's one quarter) were on the "Corporate America" album, albeit they are given a light workover here:


"I Had a Good Time", now renamed "Te Quiero Mia"

"Someone" - albeit this was the best track on "Corporate America" and features Brad Delp's vocals

"Didn't Mean to Fall in Love", and

"You Gave Up on Love"


Not bad for a total of 11 years' work Tom!


And yet............................listen to "Heaven on Earth" more than a few times....................the keyboard lick in last track "The Way You Look Tonight"...................some of the harmomies and I'm gone.  Some of the old Boston magic is still there :psych:

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If you get the Sunday paper, Best Buy store CD of Boston "Life, Love & Hope" (which I saw the ad) has 1 more bonus track!!    Matt 

The bonus track is actually "I Had a Good Time" but with Brad Delp singing some of the words in Spanish. Should be interesting. Probably him goofing around during rehearsals. Not sure though.


The release in Canada will have a bonus track of "O Canada".

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The bonus track is "Te Quiero Mia". A remix of "I Had a Good Time". I prefer the original.


The best song is "Life, Love & Hope". Other great songs are "Heaven On Earth", "Sail Away" (Brad Delp's last song :( ), "The Way You Look Tonight" & "Last Day of School" (instrumental).


Highly recommend.

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The CD arrived from Amazon yesterday.  Stand out track for me is "The Way You Look Tonight"  The (ahem) band (aka Tom Sholz) really builds up the tension until at the very end, the release comes in the form of the last line just played on the piano with one voice on the top. Very effective.


Couple more gripes though.  Why does the last note of almost every track get cut short?  Probably a phase Tom is going through.  And those electronic drums………...


It's a better effort than Corporate America, but nowhere near the first two albums. However, it's a new album from Boston, and we should be thankful for that.

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