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Wally Bryson Concert 8/24

Billy K.

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Went to the Wally Bryson group concert last night....it was fantastic to see and hear in a small venue(Winchester Music Hall, Lakewood, OH).

Just a quick rundown of the show...it ran slightly over 2 hours, and it was non-stop energy....with no breaks. It was a mix of various eras and bands---Wally's solo stuff, songs from the Choir, Fotomaker, and of course some Raspberries tunes.........

"I'm a Rocker" was done in the original key. "Come Around and See Me" was done at the original faster tempo. There was also a song called "Moondog Blues" which was never used by the Raspberries. Wally was very funny on his patter in between songs. One song that we are familiar with, from the first album, was "With You in My Life". That was not done on any of the previous Raspberries concerts, in recent years......and kind of caught me off-guard.

I had not expected them to play it. Rich Spina did quite a job on keyboard splits(tuba/horns sounds). Quite impressive, the sound of that song, overall. And certainly a good break to have this, along side of all the rockers. Conversely, I had expected to hear "Miles Away", but that didn't happen. Billy Sullivan even sang one of his own originals.

There were a few minor mistakes made.....but unless you are a musician, you were likely to have not picked up on it. As I found out after the show, all five did not rehearse together.....and just went for it......which makes it even more amazing.

And yes, Dave Smalley was in the audience. All of the above make it worthwhile to see!!

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Billy K,

Many thx for your description of the Bryson Group concert, you are so fortunate to have been there! I've always known Wally was a monumental musical genius & it sounds like it was a terrific show. So very cool Dave Smalley was in the audience. Also, they didn't rehearse together previous to the show? Just more proof of the professional talent assembled there.

Alas, my heart belongs to Eric, but have always loved & appreciated Wally as well.

P.S. Love that someone remembered the song "Manchester England" from the Hair soundtrack! I practically wore the grooves down on that record from playing it so much. Thank goodness my Mom didn't know the lyrics or song content....

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Same place, tonight at The Winchester. Music Hall. Wally is back, struttin' his stuff. He said, in the past, that he's been a good boy, going along with things.

Sorry for the late notice. Just posted five days ago. Who knows, which musicians will be there. I was readiong, and just found it, reading.

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Terrific review, Billy. Wish I had known you were there, as we could have chatted. So happy to see our EC pal Mike Miller (MAM) out there looking healthy with his lovely wife after such a rough 2013 for them! I just got home...long, long two days of driving, but well worth it. Wally and the band were all outstanding, by my count doing thirteen Raspberries songs, and a few other great tunes from bands Wally has been in. WB seemed to be on top of his game, from playing and singing to some great crowd interplay, with lots of laughs mixed in there. A special thanks to his wife Kay, for noticing me and bringing me backstage to chat a bit with Wally after the show, really made my night. He is so incredibly appreciative of his fans. Also, had a nice chat with Billy Sullivan afterwards and I will be checking him out soon at some of his Illinois gigs. My only regret was not going the night before, as I was told Jennifer Lee had appeared at a show on Thursday that was described to me as "magnificent". Great job, Wally!

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