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Linda done singing

Matthew C. Clark

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Yes,it is sad news.I love Linda's voice,such an amazing female vocalist.I grew up listening to Linda and own some of her records.When I was a little girl my favorite song of Linda's was and still is "Poor Poor Pitiful Me",I sang it so much my mother bought me the 45.Strangely I heard it last week in the grocery store and couldn't get it out of my head and a few days later I heard the news.I have memories of my life tied to Linda's voice and that is the greatest compliment you can give a singer or musician,that when you hear a song it takes you back to a moment in your life.One of my favorite songs of all time is "Different Drum" and I always love to sing along to it at the top of my lungs as well as  "You're No Good".I remember my family went to visit relatives in Louisiana when I was 12, and I always hated being away from home,their son who was a year younger slept with the radio on.I can still remember laying on their living room floor and hearing "Somewhere Out There" as I was drifting off to sleep,it made me feel at home,I remember that everytime I hear that song to this day.I also loved Linda's vocal versatility such as her work in country music with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.One of my favorite country singers,Trisha Yearwood,was heavily influenced by Linda vocally.Plus the work she did with The Nelson Riddle Orchestra,my favorite being "Someone To Watch Over Me",which also appeared on the soundtrack for my favorite tv show of the 80's "Moonlighting".I wish there was a cure for this awful disease and I wish we could hear Linda's beautiful voice again.It was very brave of her to come forward with her illness because I know she has always been very private.

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Again Ashley, your musical knowledge just blows me away.....

I also associate the 2 songs you mentioned when Linda Ronstadt comes to mind - always liked Different Drum, easy to relate to that & Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me I remember as well. Bet your family loved hearing you sing PPPM at the top of your lungs! You are so right, the biggest compliment you can give an artist is how we associate their music with events in our lives. Can remember some dark days when only listening to my favorite songs could see me through.

Where oh where would we be without music in our daily lives?!!

Would indeed be a sorry existence. Don't mean to be so melodramatic!

Luv your post as always :)

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