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Eric's Birthday Challenge!

Les R.

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This week, these artists are charting on the Billboard A/C chart!

14     ELTON JOHN        Home Again
29     ERIC CLAPTON        Every Little Thing
24     ROD STEWART        She Makes Me Happy
43     CHER            Woman's World
38     EARTH, WIND & FIRE    My Promise

All of these artists were having hits not only before Eric, but even before the Raspberries.  Therefore, if they can do it, I know Eric can!
I for one would love to see him join his cohorts back on the charts.  His name would fit in perfectly among these legends!

Also, in the past year or so I have attended awesome concerts by:

Crystal Gayle, who will soon be 63.
Elton John, who is 66.
Diana Ross, who is 69.
Barry Manilow, who just turned 70.
Paul McCartney, who just turned 71.
And the Grass Roots, with members in their late '60s & early '70s.

Therefore, if these artists can tour and all of them give incredible shows, I know Eric can!  I for one would love to see him do it, Raspberries or no Raspberries.

Eric, don't listen to Billy Joel.  Both of you guys have at least 5 or 10 more good years to invest in actively making and performing music.  Your fans eagerly await you!

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I just saw David Cassidy yesterday, he is 64,  Saw Chicago a few weeks ago. The Beach Boys two weeks ago.  Mark Lindsey just came out with a new CD (and it rocks) and I believe he is 71?  I'm not worried about Eric and/or the Raspberries making it. It's ME I'm worried about!  Tic, tic, f*cking tic!  Let's get it going!  I'm sure Eric has PLENTY of unheard material. If not I think he could put something together by this time next year. I've said it before, this guy can piss a melody!  NAME FOR THE NEW cd?  TALENT BEYOND HIS YEARS! - or-  I'm STILL BOGEYING WITH THE HELP OF MY STROLLER!!!

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Isn't EC working on this stuff right now?! 

And honey, believe me when I say you don't even want to have a fleeting thought about doing anything with a "stroller" at or around our age if you don't have to (I had to use a walker after I was in a motorcycle accident and broke my leg). 

Let's keep the ageless approach, shall we?   :)

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