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Dave Smalley CD


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On raspberriesonline.com they are selling a CD by Dave Smalley. Does anyone have any info on it? Song titles? Is it good? I couldn't really find anything on YouTube or Amazon.


I thought I read somewhere (either this forum or the Marathon Man ebook) that Dave went with a more country sound with his music. If that is the case, I probably wouldn't be interested, however, if it has songs similar to "Making It Easy" & "Nobody Knows", I'll be all over it!







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Dave's CD is a bit mellow, but I like it a lot - For $10.00 it's certainly worth a listen if you are a fan! I would also recommend the Boxer CD which features Jim Bonfanti, Paul Sidoti, and Jeff Soukup - This CD rocks! Jeff Soukup just released a new CD called "RIDE" that Jim plays on which is excellent as well!


Support the Berries! :)



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I agree with Tim. BOTH are worth the money but I'd give Boxer a big edge BUT there times when Dave's story telling lyrics blended with a great but more tame and a bit country melody truly find a spot in your soul. That said the Boxer CD rocks! Not a bad tune in the bunch. I won't tell ya what song but listen for the Go All the Ways chords! I haven't heard enough of the Jeff Soukup cd yet. And lets not forget Wally and Jessie Brysons Dry. Some real ear candy there. Wally did a great job mixing some amazing songs. And then of course there is the master Eric. These guys are special in or out of the Berries.

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