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Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*


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Hello dear Eric :)

My wish is that you are granted everything your heart & soul desire <3 May you receive tenfold the happiness your music has given me!

E - is for your Extraordinary voice

R - your Remarkable success

I - Innovative music

C - Creative genius

Wishing you a happy & healthy year my dear...

With love & appreciation,

Gina (from Pa)

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Guest Fresh

Happy Birthday Eric...would love for you to come here to Jersey again so we could be with you on your special day.

Have a fantastic birthday, and may all your wishes come true.



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Happy Birthday Eric! :birthday: 

Thank you for your every songs.
I regret to say that yoour songs are few.
Those aren't to be compared with your genious.
Then they are gems.
Your songs will be remain in my hurt, soul
May your life will be filled with perfect love, much of happiness and good health!



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Sending BIG wishes for all of your birthday dreams to come true on August 11th and throughout the year.  Wishing you love, good luck, happiness, success and prosperity because you deserve them all so very much. Thanking you for sharing your magnificent gifts with the world and making my life and the lives of those I love so much more beautiful for knowing your music.  And proposing a toast: "The best for you is yet to come!"




:)--Love, Dar

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We could get you the new Life Magazine with John Lennon on the cover, called, Remembering  John Lennon.


Someone could give you a number one CD, after 45 years, by Ozzy who was beside himself at such an occurence.

I could tell you a short story about how a band member's bass guitar wasn't working right

, when they were recording at Abbey Roads recording studio.  And in walks Paul McCartney with his own Yamaha bass, to give to the band recording there. And, more...  Ringo has something in December, I heard. An autographed book. Shhh, don't tell anyone, yet.


 Have some lemonade, with a toast.

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