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Special Edition: Ellvis The 60Th Anniversary Of His First Recording, In Usa Today


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Sold separately from the paper.


Happy Anniversary to his family and fans.



With comments about  20 essential Elvis xongs.

plus, another 20 songs listed in the tribute edition.


It is amazing for me to read things I didn;t know:


When he was starting out, he told the receptionist." I don't sound like nobody".

After a year of singing and recording, one day he belted out his first famous song.


After he finished his service in the army, he is the highest paid guest, to date.

He received $125, 000 dollars when he appeared on television with Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

Sammy Davis, Jr. is also shown onstage, with all of them.


When he made his comeback, December 3rd, 1968, it was NBC's highest rated show of the year.

It was originally suppoosed to be all christmas songs.

But Elvis sang mostly an autobioghraphical assortment of memorable songs.


He has 80 top 40 hits.

80 to 40 hits ( Elton John is second , at 57 top 40's).

67 weeks at number 1 on the music charts (Garth Brooks  and Michael Jackson have 51 each).

90 Gold, 52 platinum, and 25 multiplatinum albums. ( No wonder he was called The King)

134. 5 million albums sold.

.Second to the Beatles ( 177 million albums sold)

And three Grammy Awards.

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