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The Essential Eric Carmen

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  • 2 weeks later...

I know Eric must be incredibly busy, with recording "The Essential" and his family and the holidays, but I hope he eventually finds time to check in here and talk about his time in Los Angeles. I love his "inside stories" and his take on what transpires on his musical adventures, and this is definitely a musical adventure!

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While we anxiously await the release, it occurs to me that perhaps... just perhaps two things are possible. One is that Eric... re-entering the recording studio for the first time since when?... finds himself bitten by the bug again. As he has stated before, it was always more about creating the music than the travel... Creation is a very addictive event... One song could theoretically lead to a dozen... and that would be a whole new album! :D

Second, the irony of Eric worrying if he could still write something relevant... from the guy who wrote the perfect example of aging (I Can Remember) while still wet behind the years, why now, older and far wiser can he not recapture the spirit of what it means to be young? If anybody can do it, I have no doubt he is the man who can.

Maybe he'll re-catch the fever that's rock and roll.

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The new "essential" album, with new song, is just a great career achievement for Eric. 

Where does he go from here:

  1. Sit back, relax, enjoy retirement.  Nothing wrong with that...he has earned it.
  2. Unable to resist the lure of the studio, he rides his recent success with new material.
  3. He books Severance Hall and puts on the performance of a lifetime.

Fun to speculate, but one thing for sure, Eric has brought great joy to so many lives that whatever he does, I am just so happy for him and this upcoming release, which is certainly the celebration of an incredible career, and an even more incredible human being.

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Hello to Everyone!  Hope you all had a nice Christmas. I have just read all the posts. I do hope that on the new release the song 'Desperate Fools' is there. That has been such a fav or mine. Hope others as well. I remember when the Change of Heart Cd came out Rolling stone commented on that one song. How you just could not get the melody out of your head. Ha!  Happy New Year! What a year 2014 will be.


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March 14th will be a whole new chapter, one I know all can't wait.   Eric getting the Brian Wilson Band to record his new song, is the best news I've heard in a long time.   The ultimate fantasy would have them back Eric up in a tour, you never know.   Heading up for Cleveland on Saturday for the RnR Hall of Fame.   Can always hope that Eric may be there at the same time :)

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