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Tony Orlando To Perform And Donate Gold Record To Pow Remembrance Room On July Fourth


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 I had never seen him before.


He sang alot of songs. And he was in top form. His voice; And his storytelling. 

He wants to lose some weight, but he is taller than I thought, and carries his weight well.

He sang, told jokes, stories; introduced veterans and asked any POW's to stand-up. He had the people who helped dance to one of his songs in front of the audience.

He customized lyrics in one song to thank them , one by one from the stage. And joked how one of thenm never heard one of his songs.


There was a picnic afterwards, and everyone lined up to meet him.


He told me his name later, being part Greek and puerto rican. He said that makes him Greek-o-Rican, and laughed.

I was surprised at his reaction, when I told him what I'm working on, artistically. ( Movie, music, and comedy). He very positive .More on that, perhaps, in the future.


People say that when you talk to Tony in person, it's as if you are the only one there.

He is so personal, it's amazing to see him talk, and listen to everyoneabout anything.

He talked to everyone so long, that I had left, thinking he was done talking. I couldn't believe it.

One of the ladies  there wants to start an all ladies band, I said I sing some, too.  I suggested a  Sinatra song, after they would play. I sang the end of My Way:

"For what is a man; What has he got?......

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