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I have a lot of reasons to be grateful tonight. You're one of them, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say 'thanks'.


For the last few years I've been torn apart emotionally and financially. It all ended today. At 8:30 this morning I wrote a five-figure check to my ex-wife as part of an alimony settlement that, God willing, will begin to bring peace to everyone involved. ("Celebrate" by Three Dog Night just come on Pandora...I love that!!) Oh, and by the way, writing that check basically wiped me out...but I don't care! It's the beginning of the end of a long, painful journey that no family should ever go through.  Which is why I'm grateful.  Because for the first time in years the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an on-coming train.


Also grateful for my two girls. Anna graduated from Rutgers last week. She interned with Howard Stern all winter and spring and with Cousin Brucie (DJ at 77WABC in the 60's and '70's, SiriusXM these days) last summer. She has landed a job in NYC with a film/video production house and starts June 3rd.  Katie, my oldest, is a literary agent in NYC.  She just landed two (!) six figure deals for an author she reps.  They are two of the most beautiful, smart, and driven women on earth and I'm proud to be their father.


Also grateful to be working. It's a freelance job, but it has been consistent for the last five months. I'm writing ads for Rolaids, Cortizone 10, Allegra, Campbell's Soup, and Trojan Condoms (!).  After being out-of-work for 2 and half years, it's good to be working again...on so many levels.


Also grateful for my wife Annie who has stood by my side, held me up, pushed me forward, and believed in me from the day we met 9 years ago.


And as I mentioned earlier, I'm grateful for all of you. No matter how bad things got (and believe me, they got really bad) I knew you'd be there.  Every day I'd stop by and see what you had posted.  Our mutual love of all-things-Eric brought sunshine into even my most dreary days. Ok, enough of the melo-dramatics.  Surfice to say, even though you didn't know it, the best part of my day was very often logging onto EC.com.  Thanks for being there.


Now, who wants a lobster roll??


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Many. many times EC.com was a bright spot in my day as well Bernie. Sometimes the smallest things that bring joy to someone else, well, we just never learn of it. But it does happen. An example is last week we went to the Ribfest in Cleveland at the Nautica mainly to see Rick Springfield. ( who put on a bad ass concert) which is also where the Rasperries played a few years back. I had two extra tickets and as we parked I gave them to the couple who parked next to us. They seemed happy about it. We went in early sat down to our "free" seats front row bleachers. 15 minutes before the show a couple came up to us and handed us 4th row 40.00 each tickets. They said they were paying it forward as someone gave them front row center seats! What a great night! All ying no yang! So sometimes you just don't know about how well things turn out from a nice act but we all need to keep doing them. Bringing me to you and your website. Yes it may be all about EC but the  Bernie passion that you put into it comes through load and clear. So I guess what I am saying is thanks and you did well my friend. And looks like you be doing even better! Glad to see it happenening!

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