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Glad you're enjoying yourself, Nancy. I started this website over a decade and a half ago with nothing other than a love and admiration for Eric's music. Now, umpteen visitors later, I am proud that it is still a magnet for Eric Carmen fans  to gather and celebrate!

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Am new to this website and enjoy reading the member's postings, pics and videos. I was actually named for Eric Carmen, who was one of my mothers favorites from early on (they were sure I was a boy and was to be named ERIC) Although I lost my mother last year, searching this website helps to keep her spirit alive for my dad and I. Thank you Bernie for this labor of love!


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It's done for a specific reason. And this has actually happened at EC.com (for those of you who have been here for awhile). Somebody can come in, post something that incites the other Members, then goes back and edits their original comments after the whole place has erupted into disorder. Not cool, so not allowed.


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