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Boston Bombing.

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Two people I know were there. My brother has volunteered at the Marathon for 25 years. He works the finish line. He was 100 feet from the first blast. 100 yards from the second. One of best friends was running the marathon and was literally caught between the two blasts. One exploding in front of him. 12 seconds later, the other exploding behind him. And he knew his wife and kids were in the area! I can only imagine how he felt. And how my brother felt. But having been only 10 blocks from the Twin Towers on 9/11, I know how frightening...helpless...and mad you can get. Both my friend and brother are okay. Shaken, but okay. My prayers are with the others who weren't so fortunate. Dave

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My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, and affected by the Boston bombing.

I hope the person is caught quickly, and justice is swift.

Lobsterlover, my heart goes out to you, your brother, and best friend.

I can only imagine the horror they endured, being at the scene.

Wishing you all here a better day.


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What an amazing story this is.... I live about 45 miles outside of Boston so we weren't physically affected, but the story consumed everyone around us. It was a surreal week — almost like a movie. It went from a terrifying act of violence that gravely affected hundreds of lives to a testimony of how (to quote Springsteen) "good will conquer evil."

It's so ironic that the obvious ringleader of the two brothers (the 26-year-old) died not during the shootout Thursday night but when his 19-year-old brother ran over him with an SUV. He either didn't see him or was trying to pick off the two police officers who had wrestled him to the ground.

I don't know why, but I almost feel sorry for the 19-year-old. The destruction he caused is horrible, but I can't help but thinking that he was brainwashed into the act. When I was 19, I was incapable of such a violent and hateful act not only on a moral level (thankfully) but on a technical level. Building bombs to blow up people... what 19-year-olds do that? Ones that are trained to. It's pathetic and sick, and yes, he was old enough to know better. But at 19, you're naive and impressionable. And in this case, the "impression" came from his brother, clearly, but were there others involved? I sure hope investigators can find out quickly whether this was part of a bigger terrorist outfit.

After all the horror, it has been really uplifting to watch the way the FBI, state police, and local police worked together to snag the culprits. Kudos and appreciation of all of them.

And to think that the 19-year-old went back to college all week as if nothing happened is unfathomable. He obviously didn't realize on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that investigators were hot on his trail....

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Just funnin' with ya' Lar...But C'mon! 19 is plenty old enough to know the horror of what he was about to do. You DO believe in "personal responsibilty", don't you? Even though it was erased from the Lib Manifesto back in the 60's...Even when I was 7, I felt bad when I let a friend pick on another friend without saying something...And I was a stupid 7.

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Well, I said I ALMOST feel sorry for him, in a "poor, pathetic, misguided wretch" sort of way. I had been listening to debates about whether he should get the death penalty, and II was thinking that night that maybe life in prison would be the right punishment. However, after seeing all kinds of follow-ups on the ordeals of the victims and their families, I'm thinking life in prison would be too easy.

Yes, you are right, Tony (did Ijust say that?) --- 19 is plenty old enough that he knew what he was doing, and should be held fully accountable.

I did note, remember, the appalling fact that after the bombing, he went BACK TO HIS DORM and spent three days there living a "normal" life, going to class, posting on the Internet, acting as if nothing happened. Appalling, and sick, and a sign, IMHO, that he didn't/doesn't have any remorse. I think he'll get the death penalty, and even lobs like me will agree that it's justified.

(Does that sound better to you, Tony?)

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