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Another one bites the dust


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Well, James, with the rash of celebrity deaths, I thought the title fit. If you don't like it, that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But frankly, this sort of nitpicking is one of the reasons this forum has lost a lot of good people. Way to be judgmental, did it make you feel superior?

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Thanks for your thoughtful post about a beautiful soul who we all lost. I'm sure James meant no disrespect. Stay here.


Your posts are one of the only reasons I still visit here but please take it easy on the poor girl.It could be worse. She could be posting someone died who didn't.(Now who would do a thing like that?). Stay cool.

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I'll never forgive Annette for not wearing a bikini when playing the lead babe in "bikini" movies...Then, with a rack like that, she should have posed for Playboy in the late 60's, taken some risky character roles like Ann Margret did in the 70's, and scored a career comeback...But NOOOOOOOOOO! She had to remain a freakin' Mouseketeer forever...

Oh well, RIP, you beautiful gal, you.

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