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"Bugs" Says Happy Easter!!!!


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Great clip of one of the few times Bugs Bunny was conned....

A tired Easter Bunny convinces Bugs to deliver his Easter eggs!!

Hope you all have a happier and more festive Easter than Bugs did that particular Easter....and that you enjoy this wonderful time of the year....Easter...Passover and the beginning of..."Long Hot Days" (-E.Carmen.)

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Jean...The character of Bugs is sooo well-defined by those geniuses at "Termite Terrace"..(that's what the folks who worked on the WB cartoons called the shitty little place on the Warner Bros. lot where these brilliant cartoons were crafted..)

When Bugs was being hunted by aggressors..(See Elmer fudd...Yosemite Sam...Daffy Duck)...Bugs slammed 'em...

But little children...Marvin the Martian...babysitting a girlfriends kid...could befuddle Bugs...Lotsa fun!!

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Yeah, the time period during which all those old cartoons were created was a time of great creativity. Some may consider cartoons low art, but I think they are one of our (U.S.) proudest achievements. Seriously. Ira, you are right, those dudes who created the great cartoons of yesteryear were genius.

Those cartoons entertained on 2 levels. They entertained me as a kid and as an adult. As a kid I didn´t understand a lot of the humor, but I loved the stories. As an adult I love the humor as I´m old enough to understand it.

Those geniuses made us laugh without even hinting at anything dirty, or off color. They were clean and perfect to bring into our family room where a bunch of kids were hanging out.

Great stuff were those cartoons and a high point of American culture.


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Those were the days! Adults and kids would go together to a double feature with cartoons added before and between features.

I can remember adults laughing out loud at the cartoons. Great therapy for relief from the problems and stresses of their lives.

God bless Walt and Warner Brothers.

I have to say that Woody Woodpecker and Heckle and Jeckle impressed me as psychos. They always gave me a wierd feeling. Was that just me or did anyone else feel the same way?

Of course my giant crush on Mighty Mouse was a little odd so who am I to cast dispursions.


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