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Eric in concert in March!


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Just read the Agora is having a 100th Birthday Bash - March 22nd. Is Eric one of the Special Guests? Please confirm

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Eric Carmen Hmmm....Hard to imagine the Agora opened in 1913. I've heard something about there being a "Thanks Hank" show. A tribute to Hank LoConti who owned the club. I doubt that I will be performing.

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Thank you, Bernie. smile

Unfortunately this happens all of the time and it is the artist whose reputation can suffer. As (for the venue and or promoters) to save face, it most likely will be said that said artist is sick or pulled at the last minute due to other commitment (whatever that means, but it's a common excuse). And many a time, the artist doesn't even know of this supposed booking.

I had worked in the concert side of the music industry long enough to see that many a time I thought that a band I had placed at a venue was being supported by or was opening for certain artists, only to get there to find out that they had never signed to be on the bill in the first place. This never really affected the band(s), per se, but it did so for the fans.

Look at Les R., already looking into plane tickets. If he wasn’t on this site, he may have bought a flight, rented a car and booked a hotel room as well as bought tickets for the show, on a false promise. And that my friends...sucks, big time, especially for a fan who has put so much time and effort into seeing a certain artist.

My question is...if Eric is on the bill to perform and won’t be there...who else is on the bill to perform and won’t be there? I can only hope that anybody not booked that night, is removed from all advertising.

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Thanks Bernie for the info... seems the web site was updated and Eric's name is no longer featured...

Join us on Friday, March 22 at the Agora for a VIP “roasting and toasting†of Hank LoConti followed by a never before seen or heard concert event featuring:

Foghat, Glass Harp, members of the James Gang, Freddie Salem formerly of the Outlaws, Jimmy Ley, MSB, and many more surprise appearances!

VIP event starts at 5:00 PM. Doors open for concert at 8:30 PM. (UnSaid Fate opening band).

For ticket information contact: Kelly@877cleveland.com or 216-391-4099 ext. 27.

All proceeds benefit MidTown Cleveland, Inc. and will be used for the continued restoration of the Cleveland Agora.

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