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For those of you in your late 50's and early 60's, what does life feel like for you?

I used to be full of life. Always busy...too busy. LOL

Now, I just feel tired and bored...bored and tired.

One thing is for sure, this is not the path I intended to take.

Life throws you curve balls, and I got a huge one hurled at me 10 years ago.

I had heard people say that events in their life were so unbelievable, that it was like a hollywood movie.

I never took much stock in that, till it happened to me.

In a short span of time, 6 months, my life turned completely upside down.

It sounds like a country music song. LOL

I lost my home, car, daughter in law, mother, husband, and dog.

My Brother an his Family were kind enough to take me in.

Hubby had no insurance, so I was left with nothing.

I hadn't planned on being here 10 years, but time has ticked away, and I'm still here.

I'm slowly becoming a shut in.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do.

I wonder what others do to pass the time.

Having very bad knee problems, I don't walk unless I have to.

The person that I want to be, used to be, is still alive inside of me.

I guess I have just given up on myself.

How strange it is....I was wearing bell bottom jeans, dancing around, singing about peace and love, with flowers in my hair.

Now I'm just waiting to be pushing up daisies. Haha!!

Life...it's strange, magical, mysterious, and fleeting.

Eric, this might have some song potential. LOL

So I go back to my original question...what does life feel like to you?


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Your post above really touched me. I can certainly relate to having some disastrous things happen over the years, but you have two choices, really. You can sit there and take it or you can stand up and REFUSE to take it. It’s really that simple. I tried the first way, believe me, but complacency can really be a bad thing for anyone.

There are so many things people in their fifties and sixties can do these days, things that are even inexpensive. You can go to your local library to read up on things from the various magazines or news periodicals.

There are programs that can just get you out of your house and keep you active or you can just do things on your own. Just being out with people can sometimes change your daily outlook on life. I know you said that you had some leg issues, but keeping inactive can often make it worse. I have diabetic neuropathy in both my feet and nothing hurts more than walking every day, but I do it, as it will only get worse from inactivity. I’ve actually lost 48 pounds in the past year, mainly from doing that (well, and eating fruits/vegetables instead of cake/doughnuts!) and while I’m not ready to run a marathon, nor would I want to, I can’t tell you how much more energy I have. You don’t need to buy a treadmill, though they are nice if you can, but simply go into a store and walk around up and down the aisles keeps the blood flowing! You might even meet some new friends in there. TRUST ME, I can’t go into Walmart or Target without three people talking to me! Sometimes, I feel I have a magnet in my pocket that draws ‘em in! LOL

You can learn an instrument, you can go to local dances or meet and greets, you can join an exercise class, put some new music on your Ipod (such as MINE…hopefully, next month! LOL) go swimming at a health club or YWCA, start a garden, go to church, join a book club, go to a local theater production, just being out and about can make you feel vibrant again!

Now that my daughters are getting older and spending less time at home, I’m finding so much more free time for myself. I am now announcing basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball games for the all girls high school they went to, so that keeps me out of trouble year round and now, colleges are offering me paying gigs to do it! I don’t really want to do that at any place but our local school, but it’s nice to be noticed. Let me tell you a secret. I don’t know ANYTHING about soccer, but I wing it and they love it! This extra time has also given me more time for songwriting and playing the piano all the time again and has really brought me back in after a few depressing years of just, let’s say, wandering and wondering. I even sang the National Anthem two weeks ago at a playoff game to inspire the girls, who went wild after it. Next Friday, they actually have me hosting a trivia game show for the school! Where’s my Herb Alpert records???????

This website is a great place for meeting friends. I have been on here for fifteen years and have met some people that will be lifelong friends and I chat with or talk to almost every day whether here, on the phone, or on Facebook. Fifty is the new thirty, so get out there and enjoy the world, my friend! You CAN do it!

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Dearest Pat.

How I thank you for reading my post, and sending a reply. smile

You are one amazing human being.

When I first joined the site, I saw your warm welcome to me, and I looked at your facebook page.

I already admired you for your musical talent, and your wonderful personality, but now I admire you even more!

You are a very kind and gracious soul.

As I read your letter, I was made even more aware of the vibrant spirit that you possess.

How I thank you!!

It's true what you have said...every word.

I should get back into life again.

I allowed myself to fall into the abbyss, due to a twist of fate.

We go about our day, doing what is expected of us.

One day you find that, like a horse put out to pasture, there is nothing more expected.

That is when you must start to expect something more from yourself.

I hadn't quite realized that, but thanks to you, I now understand it.

I will strive to do more, become more engaged in my own life.

Perhaps I can keep those daisies from springing up too soon. LOL

Your a wonderful person Pat.

Good luck to you on your soccer, softball, volleyball coaching!

I know you will be great!

Keep playing beautiful music, the window to the soul.

Belt out that National Anthem like a true hero...because you are one to me.

Thank you again my friend.


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