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My name is Sandra, :)

I am a licensed addiction counselor and in recovery myself.

This time last year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer

It has been a very hard year of many surgeries, hard chemo, lost my hair/chest and all that jazz.

4 months before that I walked in and found the murder suicide of my lovely 22 year old neighbor of 18 years who was shot by his father who then turned and killed himself as well. Very wealthy family, so the story was national. It was a vengeful killing due to a upcoming divorce. They actually made a show on TV about it. :hypno: So sad...

As an addiction counselor I do know how important it is to get those emotions out, but of coarse when we go through such horrific things we do tend to shut down just to get through it all.

It felt like I was holding my breath for the last year, and in a fog just to get through the cancer treatments..

About a month ago it felt like I started to breath again and said to myself what the hell did I just go through, sorta like waking up again.

I started getting panic attacks and just couldn't reconnect to myself, why? I didn't understand.

Very tired I have spent most of the year sitting in my chair sick, yesterday I was looking through youtube and came across one of your songs, and continued on through the day watching almost all of them.

I came across boats "Against the current" I think I added about 500 views yesterday.

Somehow through your emotions, beautiful talent, words and melody something inside me has started to slowly move again.

I felt it so strong, and it feels so healing.

I wonder if you really know just how your gifted talent is still touching people ( especially in our generation )

I know that I am a very strong person and will get through the hard challenges of life. Maybe I will write a song!

Going through struggles really opens your eyes to the reality of really just how fragile we are.

I am going to keep a good eye out to see if you or the Raspberry's ever make it to San Francisco.

I think you should go to Vegas and open a show, you are so much better than Barry Mannilow :)

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One thing you'll find here at EricCarmen.com are scores of eerily similar stories to yours, where something about Eric's most masterful composition, "Boats Against The Current," spoke personally to us and helped us get through tough times. And that includes me.

Welcome to the group!


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Welcome Raspberry Girl..What a touching story..and I can relate..I have an illness..and it was touch and go for awhile..but after seeing the Raspberries in Cleveland..the concert, the music..the energy..it all poured back into me..no I'm not perfect..but much better and I sure can relate to you listening to Boats and finding inspiration...

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Thank you all,I hope he see's it. Life sometimes brings us down and we forget or feel the good things are all behind us.

While really they are staring us in the face, we just need to reach out for it again.

When I was in the midst of my addictions many years ago, I lost myself and couldn't figure out who I was anymore then too. Drugs and alcohol do that to you.

If anyone ever needs help please email me anytime

Hearing the word cancer can do the same thing where you go numb and shut down

I am finding my way back again thanks to my family, friends and these songs, especially Boats in a Current..wow

I hope that deep inside Eric knows what his talent, pain, and hard work has, and is still is doing for other people going through life's struggles, hear and feel the pain that we need to feel though his music.

Music is an art, and art therapy is one of the biggest healers.

Thank you all and Eric

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