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Beach Boys/Cowsills


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So I went to see Mike Love's Beach Boys this past Sunday and had 3rd row orchestra seats. I had deep reservations because 1) I am not a great fan of Mike Love since he pretty much stopped more dates for the full original band last year; 2) Only Mike and Bruce were going to be there. I was however looking forward to seeing John Cowsill play the drums. I actually was totally floored on how great the show was. Mike Love's voice was stronger than any video/dvd I've seen of him singing over the past year. We were sitting right in front of Bruce but had a great view of everyone on stage. Mike's son Christian was a good singer as well and the bass player was doing most of the high Brian parts. John sang Darlin, Help Me Rhonda (where he forgot his intro and ending up throwing his stick up into space) and Wouldn't it Be Nice. Well you know how I feel about that song lol - I went into lala land. They ended with my father's fav BB song Fun Fun Fun. I honestly can say if they played again I would probably go - but would want front row seats lol.

Now on the other front - The Cowsills front - I just read that finally the documentary Family Band: The Story of the Cowsills will be airing on Showtime starting 3/6 on Showtime 2 at 8:00 pm and Friday March 8 (my birthday ahaha) n Showtime Showcase at 7:30 pm. They are airing it I believe 13 times in March. I am looking forward to watching the documentary - I've seen some clips of it on You Tube and it looks very good.

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