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May I please ask Eric a question?

I just recently heard your song "waiting"

I have fallen head over heels in love with it!

It's my understanding that you wrote this song at the tender age of 12!

My gosh! What was I doing at 12?

I'm sure it wasn't anything of consequence.

What was your inspiration for this song, and how old were you when you recorded it?

You sound very young on the recording.

I believe this song would do well in today's market.

One more question please.

Tommy Mottola has written a book called "Hitmaker: The man and his music."

Did you have any dealings with him, and do you feel the book is worth reading?

Thank you for time.


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It always fun to see Eric's appearance on GMA..

PJ..just for fun...here is Eric's comment on "Waiting" in the back section of Bernie's "Marathon Man." If you haven't already gotten this on your Kindle, you ought to! Its a great read.

Waiting (Eric Carmen) [Raspberries, Raspberries, Capitol SK-11036] It was a pretty nice melody. It may have been the first song I ever wrote. It was originally just an instrumental composed on the piano. I think I wrote the melody when I was twelve. I didn't put lyrics to it until I formed Raspberries.

:) Jean

p.s. Waiting is a deep cut fan favorite ... many of us love it.

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