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At the ripe age of 59, Lew Bundles has become a father for the third time (and for the first time in 29 years). Congratulations Lew! I didn't know you still had it in you, or that you could still put it in ...

More details to follow from me or the proud father. Hopefully Lew can supply a photo.

Once again congratulations to Lew and his little BUNDLE of Joy.

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Funny how it works...I am short and dumpy, while my new "bundle" is already 3' feet long...All the nurses stand around his crib and cackle how he has such beautiful legs and a nice firmly shaped buttocks...and the strangest thing of all, my wife wants to name him Hillary...You should see him gyrate to the song "Panama" when it came on the radio today...

HEY WAIT A MINUTE...Lewisa, let me see that birth certificate...

Here It is, FATHER'S NAME ... JAMES!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS PAPA LEW!!!! WOW! We need PICTURES of this beautiful child!

I don't believe for one moment that James is the father. smile

Your best years are still ahead of you. The little one will keep you forever young. And if you keep trying for a daughter, you may BECOME the Fountain of Youth!

Wishing you unbridled joy and many many happy and thrilling moments with your the newest "Bundle" of joy! God bless you all!

:)--Love, Dar

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Lew, PM me your address so I can send a gift for young Bundles. I mean, your commissioner can't let this sacred event go unnoticed, so... I'll get out and shop today. (Maybe a Babe-Ruth-signed baseball...?)

My heartiest congratulations. I have two daughters who are my pride and joy; a son would have been cool too. But if I go by your clock, I still have a little time! :-)

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