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Which Humbuckers?


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Hey Eric!

Joan Jett references the white '68 gibson melody maker that you sold her as her "#1 baby". I understand that you had two Humbucker pickups and a custom pick guard installed. My two questions:

  1. What were the Humbucker models for the bridge and the neck?
  2. What did the custom pick guard involve?


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I've seen dozens and dozens of posts, debates and arguments over the Eric/Joan J. Melody Maker over the years, but have never yet seen a reference to what kind of humbucker pups that Eric had installed in his MM. I'm guessing (and Bernie or Eric can correct me if I'm wrong) that Eric's never really been that big of a gearhead. If he were, I'm sure this info probably would have shown up at some point. And I've read arguments regarding, for example, the year of the guitar. Joan calls it a '68 and a California Model, but by that year, Gibson was using an SG body with pointed horns for their MM.....and there's no reference to a California Model MM on any Gibson site. My guess is it was a '65 or '66....but one-offs were occasionally made at Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, etc., throughout the 60s, so it could be a '68 made with an older body. Eric's customizing the old 60s MM resulted in the closest thing at the time to a Les Paul that wouldn't wear a player out due to the weight.

While there's been a mystery as to the humbuckers he used, it has been documented that Joan used Velvet Hammer humbuckers in the guitar once she got it (made by Red Rhodes, Mike Nesmith's pedal steel player, who also designed and made boutique pickups), and the JJ Signature MM which came out several years ago had Burstbucker 3 pups, and was a copy of a copy of Eric's old guitar, and not an exact copy of JJ's #1 baby. Good luck.....

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