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Thank you Bernie!


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There were a couple of REALLY rare tracks in there. Glad you were all such good boys and girls!


The Eric demo "Feels Like Forever"- was that from the period of the late 80's when Clive wanted Eric to do other people's songs? I can't find that one in Eric's catalog or Marathon Man- and, it's not one that I have, either!?! Thanks for the goodies, Bernie!!

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Just enjoying the Brown Sugar cover Christmas gift...do you know if Eric or Wally sang lead on that? LOVE IT and really loved the "Foolin Myself" demo... LuvLove

On my wish list for next year? Cindy in the Wind...never have heard it.

Thanks for your generous gifts! This was just my second Christmas; last year, I didn't quite know how to "keep" my gifts; this year I did! They are such treats for us...and thanks for all you do on this great site.

:thanx: Jean

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