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Missing Departed Loved Ones


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Holiday time...A time of joy AND of missing loved ones who have passed....

As ALWAYS...music has ALWAYS been the soundtrack of my life...

So I wanted to share this LIVE appearance by Barry Gibb at the Grand Ole Opry this year...

At about the 11 minute mark of this fabulous performance with country legend Ricky Skaggs...Barry responds to someone in the audience and talks about Robin..his brothers...and his...still living 93 year old mum....

Please share your feelings after viewing this touching video.

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I have always loved the Bee Gees and they were the first concert I ever attended. Barry's voice still sounds great. Pretty weird seeing him at the Grand Ole Orpy and doing a blue grass song but that just shows his versatility. He did write and produce the famous Islands in the Stream which was country with Dolly P and Kenny Rogers. So heartbreaking that all of his brothers are gone so long before what I feel was their time. I am sure it must be hard for him to sing those songs on stage now without them. Thanks for sharing Ira.

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So glad you enjoyed this touching performance...

Never heard this next tune till a coupla years back when I bought an ultimate hits package...

T'was a bigger hit across the globe...BUT I think it's as good as their best...Enjoy "Secret Love"...

Merry Christmas To All.. santa

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