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I was out at a shopping mall the other day and saw this super sweet little girl with her dad. She was about 5 years old and spotted a display of dolls in the store shouting, "Daddy, could I get one of these dolls for Christmas?"

Her father looked down at her and asked, "Were you a good little girl this year?"

The girl replied, "Oh yes!"

Then (and I'm not making this up) her dad says, "Well, Santa will decide if you've been good enough to get one of those dolls."

Can you imagine?!?

Anyway, to answer Kirk's post, yes indeed, Santa Claus will be making his annual trip to bring presents all the good boys and girls of EricCarmen.com! Were you a good good boy or girl this year?

Well, Santa will decide... wink


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I was a little nervous when I saw this thread..I have to admit I have been naughty once or twice this year.. blush I hope Santa Bernie can look past that and still let me have a great present or two again this year. The last couple of Christmas's here have been so much fun...Thanks Santa and Bernie.. wink

Wishing all my EC family and friends, a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year... Peace... santa

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Have a great time on Christmas, or Christmas Eve. Some celebrate on Christmas Eve, and see their friends on Christmas Day.

In the news The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood got married to Sally Humphreys. Guests Rod Stewart, his wife Penny were there. And Paul and Nancy attended, also.

A lot of movies out, and a lot of variety. Tom Cruises movie, "Jack Reacher" has received high praises by audiences. An " A- " grade by people . The Hobbit is the most seen movie.

Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" promises to be quite a show, too. Good time to see very good stories, as well as humour.

Sales should definitely be up for the movies, after Christmas.

At the box office, in order of most seen were:

The Hobbit

Jack Reacher

This is 40

Rise of The Guardians


The Guilt Trip (With a fun steak dinner eating challenge, for $100 if finished ).

Monsters, Inc. 3-D


Life of Pi

The Twilight Saga

Plus, new movies out now. "Les Miserables", "Amour", etc.

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Mine was the best!

Santa brought me a nook!

All I could do was sit and watch it charge, waiting till I could buy my first book.

The moment it was able, I sped to Barnes and Noble and got Marathon man!!!

I spent the day curled up, reading with wild eyed excitement.

The only thing that would make it better is seeing the pictures.

I wish there was a place to go and see them.

It's a rainy day here, so it's a good day for reading. smile

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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